April 7: Hands Off Cuba, Venezuela & Bolivia! / ABAJO:  7 de Abril: ¡Manos fuera de Cuba, Venezuela y Bolivia!

A Call for National Actions in New York City and Los Angeles Saturday, APRIL 7, demanding:

     End Washington's Economic and Political War Against Cuba!

     End Threats and Sanctions Against Venezuela and Bolivia!

     Freedom for the Cuban Five!

     End U.S. Colonialism in Puerto Rico!

     Free Puerto Rican Political Prisoners!

In New York:

Gather: 10 am-12 noon: Bryant Park, 42nd St./ 6th Ave.
March: Past New York Times up 8th Ave. to Central Park
Rally: at the statues of Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti,
59th St. & 6th Ave., (south end of Central Park)
Reception (Time TBA):
M.L.King Labor Center, 1199/SEIU Building,
310 West 43rd St. (betw. 8th & 9th Ave.)

In Los Angeles:

Gather: 6:30 p.m.: Hollywood Highland
By the Red Line Metro Station
For More Info: (213) 383-9283 or (323) 556-1932

Over the course of 2006 the George W. Bush Administration pushed hard to isolate and subvert Cuba , Venezuela , and Bolivia as the centerpiece of a Latin American and Caribbean policy of economic, financial, and political domination. However, 2006 ended with the largest ever vote in the United Nations condemning the US economic sanctions against Cuba on October 8 and with the resounding re-election of Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela on December 3. Class and social polarization is deepening throughout the Americas as popular consciousness and resistance mounts against Washington-promoted policies of austerity, privatization, cutbacks in already paltry health care and education programs, and unequal trade and commercial exchange as codified in the so-called Free Trade in the Americas Agreement (FTAA), which is now derailed. As 2007 begins Washington and the big-business press is stepping up strident propaganda against Bolivia and Venezuela as those sovereign nations implement polices of land reform and nationalization of privatized resources in the interests of the vast majority.

The recent electoral defeats of the Bush Administration and Republican Party in US Congressional elections register the growing crisis of US foreign policy in general. US public opinion has turned sharply against the Iraq war, although the war continues and escalates with bipartisan support and acquiescence on Capitol Hill. The virtual collapse of the Bush Administration's credibility and authority, driven by the Iraq war, is heightening the crisis of US policy in Latin America . This may create openings for US solidarity activists to press for an end to Washington 's bipartisan policies of hostile propaganda, sanctions, pressure, and subversion against Cuba , Venezuela , and Bolivia . Congressional hearings are scheduled this spring on various aspects of anti-Cuba policies, including economic sanctions, travel restrictions, and the notorious corruption endemic to the large-scale US dispersal of tens of millions of dollars to so-called "dissidents" in Cuba . These funds largely end up in the private pockets of right-wing Cuban-American outfits---a shrinking minority of Cuban-Americans---with a long history of terrorist actions, organized from US soil and often in complicity with US intelligence organizations, against Cuba.

2007 marks the ninth year of incarceration for the anti-terrorist  fighters known as the Cuban Five. The gross injustice represented in their case has been condemned around the world, including in a thorough and devastating report issued by the United Nations Panel on Arbitrary Detention which concluded that their imprisonment was illegal and capricious. Two months later on August 9, a three judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals of Atlanta made a ruling on the defense attorney's claim that the 2001 trial venue in Miami, bastion of violent anti-Cuba groups, was clearly biased against their clients. The panel unanimously ruled in favor of a new trial outside of Miami. At the beginning of 2007 Cuban student and youth organizations issued a call for a worldwide campaign concentrated on the period from January 10 through April 30, 2007. The April 7 Coalition embraces this campaign and demands freedom for the Cuban Five! The April 7 Coalition is uniting with Puerto Rican solidarity organizations who were organizing protests for April 7, 2007, the 30th anniversary of the incarceration of Puerto Rican independence fighters. In the past year, the cold-blooded FBI murder of Filiberto Ojeda Rios has set off significant protests in Puerto Rico and the US highlighting growing discontent with US colonial rule. Puerto Rico is certainly not separate from the wave of progressive struggles and demands sweeping all of the Americas. The April 7 Coalition is pleased to organize a united action for April 7 in New York and Los Angeles.

On May 20, 2006 , 700 people marched in Washington , DC demanding US Hands off Venezuela and Cuba . This was the first national demonstration responding to Washington 's stepped-up belligerence, led by the Bush Administration, against the governments---and examples---of Cuba and Venezuela . The May 20, 2006 DC action, while modest in size, registered an important advance in organizing a united front for solidarity action. Over 150 national and local organizations, and prominent individuals, endorsed the May 20 action. The Coalition that came together for the May 20, 2006 action is reconstituting itself to call for a national action on Saturday, April 7, 2007. Now is the time to take to the streets to press Congress and the White House to end all sanctions and threats against Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia!

Join us for a powerful day of protest and solidarity on Saturday April 7! This Call for the April 7 Action has been initiated by:

     National Network on Cuba
     Venezuela Solidarity Network
     Bolivarian Circles
     US/Cuba Labor Exchange
     Cuba Solidarity New York

For more information, visit:  http://www.april7coalition.org

Acciones Nacionales en Nueva York y Los Angeles Sábado, 7 de Abril, demandan:

   Alto a la guerra económica y política de Washington en contra de Cuba!   

    Alto a las amenazas y las sanciones en contra de Venezuela y Bolivia!   

    Libéren los 5 cubanos!   

    Alto al colonialismo en Puerto Rico!   

    Libéren los presos políticos puertorriqueño!

En Nueva York:

Concentración: 10 am-12 mediodía: Parque Bryant
Calle 42 y Sexta Avenida
Marcha: Al New York Times a Parque Central
Concentración: Calle 59 y Sexta Avenida
(lado sur de Parque Central)
Recepción: 6:30 pm
M.L.King Labor Center, 1199/SEIU Building,
310 West 43rd St. (8th & 9th Ave.)

En Los Angeles:

Concentración: 6:30 p.m.: Hollywood Highland
cerca de la estación de la Linea Roja del Metro
Para más información: (213) 383-9283
o (323) 556-1932

La administración Bush continúa sus intentos de aislar y derrocar a  Cuba, Venezuela y Bolivia como punta de lanza de una política  bipartidista estadounidense de dominio económico, militar y político sobre Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Washington busca dividir y descarrilar la creciente conciencia popular y las luchas por la independencia política, la integración económica y financiera y la solidaridad social e igualdad por las Américas. Este es el momento de presionar a Washington para que cese sus amenazas y cese todas las sanciones contra Cuba, Venezuela y Bolivia. Este es el momento de exigir la libertad de los Cinco de Cuba, verdaderos combatientes anti-terroristas actualmente en su noveno año de injusta encarcelación. ¡Únase a centenares de organizaciones nacionales, regionales y neoyorquinas en un poderoso día de protesta y solidaridad el 7 de abril!

Esta acción iniciado por:

     National Network on Cuba
     Venezuela Solidarity Network
     Bolivarian Circles
     US/Cuba Labor Exchange
     Cuba Solidarity New York

Para m¡ás información:  http://www.april7coalition.org

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