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Dear Friends:

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PDF version in Chinese (Traditional)

PDF version in Chinese (Simplified)

Regenbogen-Solidaritat für die Fünf Kubaner

PDF version in English

Solidaridad Del Arco Iris Para Los Cinco Cubanos

PDF en Español y Inglés
PDF version in Spanish & English

PDF version in Farsi

Solidarité arc en ciel pour les cinq Cubains

Un Arcobaleno Di Solidrieta’ Per I Cuban Five

Solidariedade Do Arco Íris Com Os Cinco Cubanos  

The collective hard work of so many lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and other activists and allies in the fight against oppression based on sexuality, gender expression and sex has generated a call for Rainbow Solidarity for the Cuban Five that is arcing the globe.

Two weeks after the call first circulated hundreds of activists and organizations are signing on. Individuals and groups have responded from across the United States--southern Florida to the Pacific Northwest, San Diego to Maine.

International endorsements are already in from Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Ireland, Wales, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Germany, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Portugal and Spain

The web page is up, visit: www.freethefiveny.org/rainboweng.htm. Look for the rainbow!

Volunteers from around the world have translated the introduction to the Rainbow Solidarity call which is now posted online in Spanish, English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Farsi, Portuguese, Italian, French and German. More translations are in the works or planned, including a streaming video ASL (American Sign Language) translation. Help with translation into other languages would be greatly appreciated.

Your signature and/or that of your organization will make this call even more powerful.  Sign the call here: http://www.freethefiveny.org/rainbow4the5.html

Please take a moment to become part of Rainbow Solidarity to Free the Cuban Five. Sign on at: www.freethefiveny.org/rainboweng.htm.

For ideas about how to deepen this initiative, email: rainbowsolidarity4cuban5@gmail.com

For more information about the case of the Cuban Five, visit freethefiveny.org or freethefive.org.

Free the Five!
Leslie Feinberg

About the Case - Sign the Call - Contact Us - Donate

Intial Signers (partial listing):

Alison Bechdel
Bolton VT

Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, United for Peace and Justice*, NY, NY

Angela Y. Davis
University of California-Santa Cruz

LeiLani Dowell, National Coordinator FIST (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together), New York, NY

Leslie Feinberg
co-chair LGBT caucus National Writers Union/UAW; managing editor, Workers World newspaper, J.C., NJ

Stephen Funk
U.S. Marine, 1st imprisoned Iraq War conscientious objector, Iraq Veterans Against the War, San Francisco, CA

Teresa Gutierrez
New York Free the Cuban 5 Committee, New York, NY

Jesse Lokahi Heiwa
Queer People Of Color Action, New York, NY

posted January 26, 2007

Camille Hopkins
Director of NYTRO (NY Transgender Rights Organization) of Western New York, Buffalo, NY

Lani Ka'ahumanu
BiNET USA, Cazadero CA

LAGAI--Queer Insurrection
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Bet Power
director of Sexual Minorities Archives, Northampton, MA

Minnie Bruce Pratt
writer and anti-racist, anti-imperialist activist, Jersey City, NJ

Bev Tang
organizer for Anakbayan, LA, CA

Queers Without Borders
Hartford, CT

Laura Whitehorn, former political prisoner, New York, NY

More Signers

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