Federal Judge Drops All Charges Against Posada!

Jail Posada!   
Free the Cuban Five!

Thursday - MAY 10th from 4:30-6:00pm
Government Center T Stop, Boston

Protests are being held all over the world on May 11th, the opening day of Luis Posada Carriles’ trial. Posada is an ex-CIA terrorist and the mastermind behind the 1976 bombing of a Cuban commercial airliner killing all 73 people on board. Bail for this murderer and the attempt to try him solely for immigration crimes, is proof of the hypocrisy of the Bush administration. It confirms the double standards in its supposed crusade against terrorism.

Cuban exile Posada Carriles is known to have engineered the bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people in 1976, yet he was allowed to walk out of a New Mexico jail in April, free on bail.  Posada was being held on immigration charges, but many were demanding that he be extradited to either Cuba or Venezuela and tried for terrorism.

Posada Carriles is known to have killed people - U.S. government records attest to this - yet he is free, while the Cuban 5 who killed no one are rotting in prison because they tried to protect their country and even the people in the USA from terrorists like Posada.

Posada Carriles was freed from jail where he was being held on charges of violating U.S. immigration laws yet ICE routinely raids workplaces, rounds up undocumented workers and deports them with no regard to the impact on their families, including young children born in the U.S.

Posada Carriles has openly advocated the murder of government officials in Cuba, yet U.S. courts released him on bail, while U.S. political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal still sits on Pennsylvania's death row over five years after his death sentence was lifted by a federal judge.

Just this week, a Cuban military police officer and a soldier were killed by prison escapees during a failed attempt to hijack a plane in Havana and fly to the U.S.  Had these would-be hijackers and murderers of a Cuban police officer made it to the U.S. they would have been given safe haven because of the Cuban Adjustment Act.

Posada Carriles is not just a suspect.  He was being tried, formally accused over twenty years ago by another Venezuelan government, and Venezuelan courts have been demanding him ever since the CIA helped him escape from a Venezuelan jail.

Free the CUBAN FIVE!

The media has been silent on the case of the Cuban Five. These heroic Cubans infiltrated criminal exile groups in Florida to prevent future terrorist actions that had already killed more than 3,000 innocent Cubans. They have been imprisoned in the U.S. since 1998 on the charge of “conspiracy” to commit espionage. Their Miami trial was plagued with irregularities. In August of 2005, a three judge panel of the Atlanta Circuit Court, calling the trial a "perfect storm" of judicial prejudice, reversed the convictions concluding that the Five did not receive a fair trial in Miami. Rather than ordering a new trial outside of Miami, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales called upon the full Circuit to review the decision.  Perhaps succumbing to pressure from Washington, the 11th Circuit Court in August, 2006 rejected the earlier decision and sent the matter back to the panel where further appeals are now pending.  It is time these innocent men were released.

Please join us in this important protest.

Sponsors:  July 26 Coalition of Boston and International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five.
Endorsed by: National Lawyers Guild, Massachusetts Chapter; Howard Zinn; Boston City Councilors Felix Arroyo and Chuck Turner; Melida Arredondo, El Pueblo Unido Para la Paz; Noam Chomsky; Michael Avery, Professor Suffolk Law School, past president National Lawyers Guild; International Action Center; Professor James Rowan; The Women's Fightback Network; Bolivarian Circle of Boston

For more information: write info@july26.org or call (617) 522-9478

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