USA: Hands Off Cuba and Venezuela!

May 20, 2006, Washington, D.C.

Gather: 10 am Malcolm X Park (15th & Euclid, NW)

May 20, 2006, Los Angeles

Gather: 12 noon Downtown Federal Building

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All over the United States the immigrant community, particularly the Latin American immigrants and their supporters have movingly joined in massive demonstrations demanding the legalization of undocumented workers. They represent the millions of people from Central and South America and the Caribbean who have been forced into this country primarily for economic reasons.

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank acting on behalf of multinational corporations, particularly from the U.S., have imposed severe and yes, criminal measures, aimed at destroying the financial sovereignty of these countries. Once the source of earnings is destroyed in their countries, the small farmers and the workers have to find new ways of fending for their families. And that is, coming to the United States.

But two countries are trying to change this skewed balance of forces.

Cuba and Venezuela are bringing the ALBA, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, a program of trade based on respect and solidarity. They are also trying to bring education and health programs to counter the massive inequalities afflicting the region. This program would be the opposite of the terrible NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement that destroyed Mexico’s economy and forced the emigration of millions of Mexicans in the last 20 years.  

Both countries have tried to not only help the peoples in the region, but the US population as well.

After the Katrina devastation, they offered medical help, rescue teams and other aid that the Bush administration arrogantly rejected in spite of the acute need in the Gulf region.  

This is something that the U.S. government is not forgiving.

The Bush administration has embarked in an assault against both Cuba and Venezuela precisely because what these countries mean to the rest of Latin America, a ray of hope. It has mounted a campaign of hostility and defamation against both presidents, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.  

This administration was involved in the attempted coup of April 2002 that briefly ousted President Chavez, who was brought back to power by the mobilization of millions of Venezuela people who wanted their democratically elected president back in office. It has attempted against Cuban sovereignty through many hostile measures including the forced separation of families. Cuban Americans who have relatives in the island cannot visit them as frequently as they would like. Since the last restrictions, travel has decreased 80%. 

It is also unlikely that the U.S. government forgives Bolivian president Evo Morales for his recent action on behalf of the Bolivian people, the nationalization of gas and oil. In fact president Morales has also just signed the program of ALBA with Cuba and Venezuela, becoming part of the vanguard, along Cuba and Venezuela, of the Latin American challenge to U.S. agenda of exploitation and domination of the region. This will automatically place Bolivia in the camp target of U.S. hostilities.

The U.S. will not easily give up its “sphere of influence” south of Rio Grande as was dictated by the Monroe Doctrine. It is increasing its military presence though both Plan Colombia and military bases and troops deployment in several Latin American countries, working incessantly also through covert actions to turn back the uprisings of the Latin American masses. But the people of Latin America are determined to take their future in their own hands away from U.S. control.

The People in the U.S. can Stop the Aggression

It is very crucial that the people in the United States loudly and clearly oppose any kind of U.S. intervention in these countries or the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean and show support and solidarity to the struggling peoples of the region.

Many groups nationally and internationally have joined to respond to these attacks and defend the right of these countries to develop free of US intervention. In this country we have enormous problems that need to be resolved and not embark in more wars abroad. That opportunity will be on May 20th, in the national demonstration that will be held in Washington, DC and in Los Angeles to say: Hands Off Venezuela and Cuba!

If you cannot attend, please consider buying a ticket for a person who cannot afford it.  

Donations are also much needed to help cover the cost of mailing, telephone and printing. Please send a contribution, any amount helps. 

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For bus tickets in New York/New Jersey:
Monday, May 8 and Tuesday, May 9
6-8 PM  at the 1199/SEIU Building
310 W. 43rd St., between 8th and 9th Avenues, Times Square Subway Stop.

For Los Angeles information:
(213) 383-9283 or (323) 936-7266

For Boston: Reserve/Purchase a Bus Seat Today
Tickets are $55 + $5 suggested donation for the Transportation Subsidy
Fund Buses will depart from Roxbury Community College parking lot at the
corner of Columbus Ave. and Cedar St. (Orange Line to Roxbury Crossing)
at 10:30pm on Friday, May 19 and will depart Washington DC following the
march returning to Boston very early Sunday morning the T will most likely not be running.
For more Boston information:
MLK, Jr. Bolivarian Circle -
July 26th Coalition - 617-566-2861
International Action Center - 617-522-6626
Boston Rosa Parks Comm. - 617-524-3507

The All Peoples Congress and Workers World Party in Baltimore will be
organizing transportation.If you would like flyers, information or
transportation please call (410) 235-7040 or email

UPDATE: May 16, 2006

The US war against Latin America has entered a new phase when President George W Bush last night laid out his plans to militarize the border with Mexico. This time the war against the peoples of Latin America will also be launched inside the United States.

This is a blatant example of the racist and genocidal character of the government of the USA. It exposes the hypocrisy of its "democracy" and its true mission on behalf of the business community by proposing a new "bracero" program that will treat immigrant workers as slave laborers with absolutely no rights.

But while Bush increases funding to militarize the south and further repress the immigrant community, the countries of Cuba and Venezuela work incessantly to bring education, health care, jobs, decent housing, and dignity to millions of people. Not only to the population in their two countries, but to the peoples of the whole region and beyond. Even to the poor people in the United States, as the aid offered during the Katrina devastation and the delivery of subsidized oil through CITGO attest.

The development of a country to satisfy the needs of its people is something that the United States cannot tolerate and works round the clock devising ways to destabilize and destroy. Cuba and Venezuela, and now Bolivia, are the nations that the peoples in Latin America look up to while they construct a new future for the new generations. Venezuela and Cuba's Bolivarian Alternative to the Americas or ALBA, the program of regional integration, cultural, economic and technical exchange based in solidarity and respect, is completely different from the cruel free trade agreements pushed by the US like NAFTA that destroy national economies and force the emigration of millions of workers from their homeland.

That is why the United States is desperately launching a hostile campaign to destroy them. The situation is urgent and needs the firm and loud opposition from the people of the US.

A nuclear-powered U.S. war fleet and 6,500 Marines are conducting maneuvers in the Caribbean that threaten Cuba, Venezuela and other anti-imperialist countries throughout the Americas.

According to the Cuban newspaper Granma, the scope of the U.S. military maneuvers dwarfs even the Pentagon's naval deployment during the October 1962 missile crisis. Similar maneuvers in the past were used to gather information needed to launch aggression, like the "exercises" that preceded the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983.

They can also be used to send a direct threat, as the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, which is published in the heavily militarized Hampton Roads area, noted in a March 28 article:

"Some defense analysts suggested that the unusual two-month-long deployment, set to begin in early April, could be interpreted as a show of force by anti-American governments in Venezuela and Cuba. 'The presence of a U.S. carrier task force in the Caribbean will definitely be interpreted as some sort of signal by the governments of Cuba and Venezuela,' said Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute, a pro-defense think tank in Washington. 'If I was sitting in the Venezuela capital looking at this American task force, the message I would be getting is America still is not so distracted by Iraq that it is unable to enforce its interests in the Caribbean,' Thompson said."

Radio Havana says this ominous show of force will be followed by yet another maneuver in the Caribbean involving 4,000 NATO troops and lasting from May 23 to June 15.

It is urgent to tell the Bush administration loud and clear: Hands Off Venezuela and Cuba!

On Saturday May 20th join New York high school students, Cuban Americans, Bolivarian Circle activists and many other marchers from Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Richmond, Va., Washington, D.C and other areas, who intend to say no in person to new anti-Cuba and anti-Venezuela measures planned by the U.S. government.


If you cannot attend, please consider buying a ticket for a person who cannot afford it.

Donations are also much needed to help cover the cost of mailing, telephone and printing. Please send a contribution, any amount helps.

Online donations at



posted May 7, 2006

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