A Calling to our Friends in USA From The Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples

American Friends:

The United States' policy toward Cuba is becoming increasingly more aggressive and dangerous.  Our country has even been included on Washington's list of "terrorist states". The president himself and other important US officials frequently make threats and false accusations against our revolution.

The strong condemnation of the Cuban government and of all our people of the tragic events of September 11, are well known.   We were the first to condemn that horrendous crime.

You, who despite the prohibitions of your government, visit our country; in defiance of those prohibitions and threats, have been able to experience the warm hospitality of our people.  You have experienced first hand, the safety, tranquillity and friendliness afforded to North Americans in Cuba. Our country is surely one of the places where Americans feel the safest.

That is possible because our people have never been taught to hate the American people. We understand very well the difference between the good people of the United States and the hostile policies of their government.

Last May 20, President Bush made two speeches about Cuba, one in Washington and the other in Miami. In Miami, the US president was surrounded by known terrorists of Cuban origin, who through sabotage and aggressions have killed thousands of Cuban men, women and children.

In both speeches, President Bush was insolent, dishonest and threatening. He pledged to re-enforce the US blockade against Cuba unless the island renounces its socialist government and submits itself to US domination. That is, that we return to the suffering our people experienced before the triumph of the Revolution in l959.

It is obvious that the current US administration is attempting to create the conditions necessary to convince national and international public opinion of the need for Washington to mount irresponsible military actions which would endanger world peace.  Cuba, not because it is terrorist, but because it is independent and intrepid, has not escaped this adventuristic and irresponsible policy.

On June 12, as proof of that independence and intrepidness, more than nine million Cubans demonstrated in the streets their support for their revolution and in rejection of interventionist and threatening moves by the government of the United States.

From June 15 to 18, all Cubans who wish to, can sign a proposal made by our grassroots organizations to include in the constitution our affirmation of socialism as an untouchable system and a prohibition against negotiating with a foreign power on the basis of pressures, threats and aggressions.

During former US president Jimmy Carter's visit to Cuba, President Fidel Castro stated:

 "We are a noble and patriotic people, which will never accept impositions or threats from anyone; but from a sincere friend from the United States and especially from all the good North Americans, which are many and everyday we discover more."

So we say to all those good friends, to those who made possible the return of little Elian Gonzalez, to those who have experienced the smiles of our children, to those who feel with their own flesh and blood  the suffering of our people, which has been the victim of a criminal and unjust blockade; we say to you, as once again the campaign of lies and threats against Cuba increases, raise your voices to condemn this policy. Let your government hear your opinions. Write to your representatives in Congress, denounce this policy in your neighbourhoods, schools and churches.  Build a wall of love and solidarity against any action that stands in the way of the peace of  our peoples and avoid the loss of Cuban and North Americans lives.

Long Live Friendship between our People.

The Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples.

posted: June 24, 2002


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