Please sign on and circulate the call for Rainbow Solidarity for the Cuban Five:

Please contact five to Free the Five!

The call for Rainbow Solidarity for the Cuban Five has not received one word of big-business media coverage--print or electronic.

The call first went out in January, from a multi-national and multi-lingual group of U.S.-based lesbian, gay, bi and trans activists, to build solidarity with these five political prisoners—Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González. They are serving long sentences in U.S. penitentiaries for the “crime” of infiltrating CIA-backed fascist commando groups in order to halt terror attacks against Cuba from U.S. soil.

The Rainbow Solidarity for the Cuban Five call demands a new trial and freedom for these political prisoners, defense of Cuban sovereignty and self-determination and a halt to the illegal U.S. acts of war against Cuba—including the economic blockade and CIA-trained, funded and armed attacks by mercenary “contra” armies operating from this country.
Without any help from the monopoly media, the call has circled the globe. Individuals and organizations from more than 32 countries and 43 states in the U.S. have signed on. To see a list of signers or to sign on yourself, please visit Look for the Rainbow!

Volunteers have translated the introduction to the initiative and the call itself, so that it is now available in Spanish, English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Farsi, Turkish, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, French and German. ASWAT—the Palestinian lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersexual organization—is translating the introduction and call into Arabic. LGBT and feminist activists in Croatia are translating and circulating the call.
But the arc of this Rainbow of Solidarity must widen.

You can make a great contribution.
Take a moment now to send this email to at least five of your loved ones and friends, co-workers and neighbors, and ask them to help free the Five.

Contact five to Free the Five! Your help is decisive.

For more information about the Cuban Five visit or

Free the Five!
Leslie Feinberg

Rainbow Solidarity for the the Cuban Five
PDF version in English

Solidaridad Del Arco Iris Para Los Cinco Cubanos

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Chinese (Simplified)



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