Compatriots from Santiago de Cuba,  Guantanamo and all of Cuba:  

I had said that we would all respond to Mr. W. Bush. Our children, our  teenagers, our young students; our workers, farmers, professionals;  our journalists, historians, artists, intellectuals, scientists; the fighters of yesterday and of today; the youths, the adults, the elders  and especially the mothers, the sons and daughters, and the close  relatives of all those who have suffered themselves and their loved  ones during 43 years of brutal terrorism, aggressions and a murderous blockade maintained by successive U.S. Administrations against our  people. They have all been tearing to pieces Mr. W. Bush's statements in Miami.  

He went too far in his speech. He was rude. He insulted, he lied, and  he threatened. He would only need to add now that the heroic people he pretends "to free", have all been forcibly mobilized to take part in  the huge and enthusiastic demonstrations of Sancti Spiritus and Holguin before, and in this enormous rally held today here, in  Santiago de Cuba.  

Perhaps no other country has ever witnessed such an imposing,  combative and sound political movement. Perhaps, never before a small  nation had the strength of character and the courage to resist such a  powerful adversary. This is an unprecedented confrontation that is  taking place in a new historical stage between the force of just ideas  and the murderous ideas of the brutal force.  

When the arrogant use of force is imposed in violation of every right,  ethic and reason, demagogy and lies remain the only possible  ideological support.  

Hardly two thirds of a century has passed since Humanity went through  the bitter experience of Nazism. Fear was Hitler's inseparable ally against his adversaries. First, he was tolerated as a buffer and a  potential ally against communism. Then, he was made concessions. He recovered the Ruhr, a crucial zone for military build-up, and went on  to annex Austria to the German Third Reich. Then, without a shot, he conquered a large part of Czechoslovakia. Later, his fearful military  force enabled him to strike a non-aggression pact with the USSR on August 23, 1939, that is, 9 days before the outbreak of a war that  would inflame the whole world. The lack of vision and the cowardice of  the statesmen in the strongest European powers of the time opened the  way to a great tragedy.  

I don't think that a fascist regime can be established in the United  States. Serious mistakes have been made and injustices committed in  the framework of its political system --many of them still persist--  but the American people still have a number of institutions and  traditions, as well as educational, cultural and ethical values that  would hardly allow that to happen. The risk exists in the  international arena.  

The power and prerogatives of that country's President are so extensive, and the economic, technological and military power network  in that nation is so pervasive that due to circumstances that fully  escape the will of the American people, the world is coming under the  rule of Nazi concepts and methods.  

I do not intend to exaggerate or dramatize. But, the truth is that  there's a growing tendency to question and override the very existence  and the role of the United Nations.  

Last September 20, 2001, when Mr.W. Bush proclaimed that those who did not support his war project against terrorism would themselves be considered terrorists and exposed to his attacks, he was overtly disregarding the UN prerogatives. At the same time, based on his military power he was assuming the role of world master and policeman.  For those of us familiar with the Marxist literature, that day was the 18th Brumaire of Mr. Bush.

Future historians should take note of the  political leaders' reaction in most countries. It was panic and fear  that came over most of them.  

Such conceptions and methods contradict the idea of a democratic world  order based on principles and norms that ensure safety and peace for all of the peoples.  

Long before the terrorist attacks of September 11, Bush had promoted  enormous budgets for the research and production of more deadly and sophisticated weapons, although the cold war was over, the old  adversary no longer existed and the weakened State that replaced it  lacked both the economic resources and the will to face up to the  overwhelming force of the sole hyperpower.  

Why was that colossal military build-up program conceived, and for  what purpose?  

In a recent speech made on the occasion of the bicentennial year of  the West Point Military Academy, an institution well-known for its remarkable role in the military history of the United States, Mr. W.  Bush threw a fiery harangue at the graduation ceremony of 958 cadets. However, his remarks were also addressed to the United States and the  entire world.  

Some of the ideas expressed there are a reflection of his thinking, and that of his closest advisors, long before the brutal attacks of  September 11, which now serve as an excellent pretext to justify what  was already then a rather dangerous, inadmissible, unsustainable and  peculiar idea of the world. He said for example:  

"If we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long."  

"In the world we have entered, the only path to safety is the path of  action. And this nation will act."  

"Our security will require transforming the military you will lead, a  military that must be ready to strike at a moment's notice in any dark  corner of the world. And our security will require... to be ready for  preemptive action when necessary to defend our liberty and to defend  our lives."  

"We must uncover terror cells in 60 or more countries... Along with  our friends and allies, we must oppose proliferation and confront  regimes that sponsor terror, as each case requires."  

"We will send diplomats where they are needed, and we will send you,  our soldiers, where you're needed."  

"We will not leave the safety of America and the peace of the planet  at the mercy of a few mad terrorists and tyrants. We will lift this  dark threat from our country and from the world."  

"Some worry that it is somehow undiplomatic or impolite to speak the  language of right and wrong. I disagree. We are in a conflict between  good and evil, and America will call evil by its name. By confronting  evil and lawless regimes, we do not create a problem, we reveal a  problem. And we will lead the world in opposing it."  

"Generations of West Point officers planned and practiced for battles  with Soviet Russia. I've just returned from a new Russia, now a  country reaching toward democracy, and our partner in the war against  terror."  

As you can see, he doesn't mention once is his speech the United  Nations Organization. Nor is there a phrase about every people's right  to safety and peace, or about the need for a world ruled by principles  and norms. He only talks of alliances between powers, and of war and more war. He speaks of war on behalf of peace and liberty, words that  coming from him sound as meaningless and empty as soap bubbles. His entire speech is no more than a sweetened exaltation of chauvinism,  and of the superiority of his country's culture, glory and power.  

The miserable insects that live in 60 or more countries of the world  chosen by him and his closest assistants --and in the case of Cuba by  his Miami friends-- are completely irrelevant. They are the "dark  corners of the world" that may become the targets of their unannounced  and "preemptive" attacks.  

Not only is Cuba one of those countries, but it has also been included  among those that sponsor terror. And, on top of it all, the cynical fabrication that Cuba produces bio-weapons; they simply overlook the  fact that the entire world knows it is a colossal lie.  

What is the difference between that philosophy and methods and those of the Nazis? Why is it that so many governments are trembling with fear and keeping silent?  

It is not a simple coincidence that the fascist right forces aregaining ground in various European countries.  

The American people will refuse to educate their children in such a  philosophy.  

In the face of such cowardice, many peoples of the world will look  hopefully to the American people as the only one capable of putting a straightjacket on, or stopping, the bigots in their lust for power,  abuse and conflict. Many peoples in the world showed their unanimous solidarity with the American people after the attacks of September 11;  our noble and generous people did too, and certainly not out of  hypocrisy or fear.

We would like for those West Point cadets to come to Cuba as tourists  some day, when Americans are again free to travel, but not as  invaders.  

Who has actually reaped the benefits of the terrorist attacks of  September 11? Those that President Eisenhower defined as the military-  industrial complex; those whose authority had been called into  question by the electoral fraud; the Miami terrorist mob; those who  want to destroy the United Nations; those who advocate the  predominance of hegemonic policies and who want to reshape the world  as they wish.  

I don't believe for a second that anyone --whatever his position-- who  could have prevented the obnoxious crime of the Twin Towers deliberately allowed it to happen in a yearning for popularity and  power or for any other purpose.  

But, calling things by their name, as Mr. Bush said in West Point he  likes to do, I'd say that I think the President of the United States  has made serious mistakes in the way he has handled the situation  after the tragedy. I shall mention only a few made both domestically  and overseas:  

He should have never implanted fear in the minds of the American  people.  

He should have kept calm.  

He should not have adopted hasty decisions without even considering  other possibly more promising options, which would have been unanimously supported by all governments, by the most influential  religions and by the fundamental political trends, from both the left  and the right.  

He should not have identified over half of the countries in the Third  World as his enemies, much less as terrorists.  

He should not have pursued a path that will have the effect of  multiplying the number of bigots and suicidal persons in the world,  thus seriously complicating the struggle against terrorism. The  Palestinian's is a case in point: for every Palestinian that has been  murdered, the number of walk-in suicide bombers has markedly  increased, which has led to a predicament with no way out in sight.  

He should not have concealed the intelligence reports he received,  particularly that of August 6, which has given rise to all sorts of  doubts and guesses. It is necessary to be valiant and transparent with  the people. No one can believe that this is impossible for security  reasons. Those of us who have lived and struggled for decades against  thousands of terrorist plans and actions originated in the United  States are perfectly familiar with the nature of such intelligence  reports, whose sources need to be highly protected by those who draft  and forward them.  

He should not have met with, or accepted the presence at that meeting  in Miami of, well known characters that have organized, directed and carried out thousands of terrorist attacks against Cuba and other  countries, including several hundreds inside the territory of the  United States.  

For many years and until September 11, the Cuban American National  Foundation financed, organized and publicized countless terrorist actions and plans to murder Cuban leaders. Today, that same  organization continues to fund the defense, protection and impunity of  the worst terrorists while waiting for the Cuban Revolution to be  destroyed by the United States. Everybody knows this, both in Miami  and the White House. Mr. Bush's intimate relationship with these  terrorists completely undermines his moral authority and disqualifies  him as a world leader to fight against terrorism.  

He should not have allowed the fabrication of that stupid lie about  Cuba developing bio-weapons. As for the alleged theoretical capacity  to produce them, needless to say that even when all governments could  lie that doesn't mean they all do.  

He should not have politically challenged the Cuban revolutionary  leadership because he is in no position to respond to the political  challenges that Cuba could throw at him. It is like sailing on a big  paper boat --full of lies and demagogy-- that cannot endure the wind  or the waves.  

He should not have made demands on matters that are the sole concern  of our sovereignty, nor launch threats against Cuba because the Cuban people have never been nor will they ever be forced to give in. This  is the people that did not hesitate for a moment when hundreds of  nuclear weapons were aimed at this island on October 1962, threatening  to wipe them off Earth. No one remembers a single Cuban patriot who  lost heart.  

Now, Mr. Bush could find himself in the dilemma of either rectifying  or trying to wipe Cuba off the map, which is not all too easy.  

Mr. Bush should be better informed about what the Cuban people is  today and of how it feels; its degree of unity, its political culture  and its unmovable strength.  

Other things could be said in addition to these reflections on the  unfortunate May 20 speech and on other issues, but I don't wish to  expand any further.  

As we had promised, our people with their talents, their truths and  their patriotism have been giving the right response. But the task is  not over yet, since our mass organizations will also respond. On  Monday 10, their national leadership will meet in the country's  capital. Also, the National Assembly, supreme body of the State power,  will respond in due course and it will certainly do so with all  courtesy.  

Thank you, Mr. Bush, for you have honored us with your recognition  that such an institution exists here and that in the year 2003 there  will be elections for deputies.  

There is just this one point to clarify: if, as you have indicated,  all elections in Cuba have been rigged, how could the National  Assembly have any authority to adopt the amendments to the  Constitution that you have demanded? The solution might be that the  Cuban Supreme Court validates our deputies. That would be most democratic!  

Compatriots from Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo, unforgettable  comrades-in-arms in the Moncada, on the mountains and in the cities, comrades from yesterday, today and tomorrow:  

On behalf of those who have given their lives for Independence and the  Revolution, to whom we will be loyal up until our last breath, I congratulate you on this gigantic demonstration.   

Long live Socialism!  

Homeland or death!  

We will overcome!   

[Reference to the book The 18th Brumaire of Napoleon  Bonaparte, by Karl Marx. (Note of the Translator)   ]


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