Free the Five Website Launched in Honor of July 26 Cuban Holiday

The National Committee to Free the Five Cuban Political Prisoners, in honor of the Cuban holiday of July 26, which is celebrated by justice-loving people around the world, is proud to announce the launching of the new webpage site:

The name speaks for itself. It is dedicated to the liberation of the Five Cubans who heroically defended their people of Cuba from decades of terrorism that emanates from Miami and Washington, and who are incarcerated in five U.S. federal prisons, sentenced to long prison terms.

The ultra-right terrorists of Miami, those of Omega 7, Alpha 66, Brothers to the Rescue, CORU and Cuban American National Foundation, among others, are the ones who should be in prison for raining terror on the people of Cuba. But the five Cuban heroes, Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero and Rene Gonzalez, were railroaded by the U.S. government and wrongly convicted in an evident move to stifle Cuba’s right to defend its people and territory.

Because the case is virtually unknown to the U.S. public due to lack of media coverage and deliberate attempt by the government to hide the existence of these political prisoners, the National Committee is using every means possible to publicize their case. We are confident that as the case of the Cuban Five becomes known across the country, the people will join in the call for their freedom.

As part of that publicity campaign, we have inaugurated the Free the Five webpage.

It is a truly beautiful page that was composed with the labor of many individuals and is sponsored by the National Committee to Free the Five Cuban Political Prisoners Unjustly Held in the United States.

The page has many interesting features. In addition to the photos and stirring speeches given by each of the five Cubans at their sentencing in December 2001, poignant talks by their wives, mothers and children also stand out.

It has two formats for petitions, one to send directly to George W. Bush at the White House, calling on him to release the five, and the other petition to be downloaded, filled with 10 signatures each, and mailed to the national office in San Francisco.

One of the page’s sections, "A long and sordid history" on the record of the Miami terrorists against Cuba gives solid documentation of the ongoing danger that the ultra-right presents to Cuba and anyone who simply advocates a normalization of relations between the two countries. It provides important background for activists who wish to speak on the case and build support.

Flyers can also be downloaded. Soon to come will be a streaming video of several minutes.

The National Committee was initiated by the International Action Center, Pastors for Peace, National Lawyers Guild, Antonio Maceo Brigade, and Cuba support groups from San Francisco, Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Madison, Seattle, Detroit, and other cities. The committee has grown to enjoy the support of dozens of Cuba solidarity and peace groups in the U.S. Many Free the Five committees have also sprung up around the world, including Argentina, Belgium, France, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa.

posted July 27, 2002


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