· Get on the bus to go to Washington , D.C. Saturday September 23 to support the Cuban Five.
· Rally at Times Square and march to the United Nations in New York City , Tuesday, Sept. 12

In a matter of days, over 1,000 individuals and organizations signed on to a call from the International Action Center to demand that the U.S. government keep its hands off Cuba in light of an escalation of tensions emanating from Washington. And over 25,000 emails were sent to elected officials on the subject of Cuba .

In addition, the call stated its wholehearted support for the case of the Cuban Five anti-terrorists who are in federal prisons throughout the United States .

On August 9, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on the case of the Five on the issue of a change of venue. It ruled against the five and denied a new trial or a change in venue.

The legal struggle is far from over however as there are still nine legal issues for the court to consider. The attorneys for the five will be meeting soon to discuss strategy and the next steps which may include taking the case to the Supreme Court.


The most important thing that supporters can do at this critical time for Cuba and the Cuban Five is to keep the pressure on. From September thru October there are major events taking place in support of the Five around the world.

Here in the U.S. a major event called by the National Committee to Free the Five is being organized in D.C. for Saturday, September 23. The event includes a major forum with prominent speakers. A march will also take place on the 23rd.

We are urging everyone to get on the bus and go to D.C. for that march and forum. Please visit the websites at the end for more information on these events.

A bus will be leaving from the offices of the International Action Center on Sept. 23. For more information, call 212.633.6646.

And before that, here in New York City an important event will take place on the case of the Five that we are also calling on everyone to support.

Tuesday, Sept. 12: Times Square, NYC
Free the Cuban 5: Rally and March
4 pm gather at U.S. Military recruiting center
Times Square ( 42nd St & broadway)

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