Urgent: Defend the Latin American Med School Students!

The new Treasury regulations about Cuba travel threaten the legal status of the US students at the Latin American School of Medicine. Please join us right now in defending the students!

Our friends and allies in the Congressional Black Caucus and other members of Congress have been putting some serious pressure on the Bush administration to protect the LASM students' right to study in Cuba on full scholarship. We understand that the possibility of a special exemption that will apply to the students at the Latin American School of Medicine is currently under consideration -- which is why WE NEED YOU TO CALL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! KEEP CALLING -- SEND IT OUT TO YOUR FRIENDS AND EMAIL LISTS!!!! LET THEM KNOW WE CARE ABOUT FREEDOM TO TRAVEL AND FREEDOM TO STUDY!!!

Kevin Whitaker,
Director, Cuba Desk, State Department :

Richard Newcomb, Director, Office of Foreign Assets Control,
US Treasury Department:

INSIST that the students (present and future) in the scholarship program at the Latin American School of Medicine be given a special exemption from the Cuba travel restrictions, so that they can continue studying, become physicians, and return home to serve as doctors in their communities.

"Let us not love in word: but in deed and in truth." 1 John 3:18

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