Cuban Foreign Minister states: "Mr. Dan Fisk is lying"

In a news conference today in New York, Cuba's Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque labelled as a colossal lie the allegations against Cuba by a US State Department official at a meeting attended by more than 200 people who came to Washington to express the opinion of the majority of American people opposing the inhumane US policy against Cuba.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dan Fisk stated that Cuba "has actively and intentionally distract attention and resources from our ongoing antiterrorist efforts". Perez Roque responded that "all of his accusations against Cuba are false and slanderous. It is a colossal lie, just like when they fabricated that Cuba was a terrorist state and that we were producing biological weapons" and accused Mr. Fisk " of being a liar always ready to serve the minority interest of a group of Cuban extremists in Miami".

The Cuban Minister underlined that "from November 29th, 2001 through March 12th, 2002, Cuba insisted on several occasions on its proposals to sign cooperation agreements to fight drug trafficking, smuggling of aliens and terrorism at the bilateral level". The three were rejected and further indicated: "I want to be emphatic: Cuba repeatedly proposed to the US Government that a bilateral agreement be signed to engage in cooperation in the fight against terrorism, which was not accepted by the US Government".

"I challenge Mr. Fisk to produce a single piece of evidence to support his allegations" pointed out the Foreign Minister who claimed that such utterances are aimed at confusing a public opinion who is already convinced of the failure of the blockade against Cuba. Over the last few weeks, the US Government has been desperately trying to prevent the passage of any amendment by the Senate out of those overwhelmingly endorsed in the House to allow Americans to enjoy their constitutional right to freely travel to Cuba and the unrestricted sale of medicines and food to the island.

In addition to that, the Cuban Minister revealed in the news conference that Cuba, besides its steadfast condemnation of the September 11th attacks, offered medical assistance, assistance in the rehabilitation of the victims and the use of its airports at that moment. On October 26th, 2001, Cuba made an offer to the US Government, right in the middle of the crisis, to supply 100 million tablets of ciprofloxacine to treat anthrax. The US Government did not even respond to such offer.

On October 27th, 2001, Cuba donated tablets of ciprofloxacine to the staff of the US Interests Section in Havana and later, on November 12th, Cuba offered equipment locally developed at low cost in order to screen germs and break up anthrax strains.

Finally, the Minister said that it is unjustifiable to deceive the American people and the international public opinion with the sole purpose of maintaining an outdated, ridiculous and failed policy against Cuba. An issue as serious as this one should not be manipulated for political purposes.


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