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The US blockade of Cuba causes shortages of food, medicine and other  important supplies for eleven million people. The blockade is an immoral policy that uses hunger and disease as political weapons. In November 2005 the countries in the United Nations General Assembly once again voted overwhelmingly (182-4) to call for the end of the blockade. A month later Condoleza Rice responded by stating that the Bush administration intends to  intensify the blockade still further and is working on a package of new measure to be announced in May 2006. US policy towards Cuba is totally isolated internationally, increasingly discredited domestically and subject to many challenges from within Congress.

IFCO/Pastors for Peace intends to respond to whatever new measures Bush devises with our 17th US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan. In late June we will be visiting more than 120 US and Canadian cities to talk in meetings and to the media about the impact of the US blockade on the health and welfare of the Cuban people. We will be collecting medical and educational aid to take to Cuba in defiance of an immoral policy that says we can't assist our  Cuban brothers and sisters. And in early July we will travel to Cuba, without a US government license, as ambassadors for a people-to-people  foreign policy.

In Cuba we will learn about its economic problems and shortages, but also about its many social achievements and the ways it is providing medical  training and skilled assistance to people from many other Latin American, Caribbean and African countries - the very things that George W does not want the US people to see or hear about. In Cuba with us will be another travel challenge undertaken by the Venceremos Brigade. On July 17th, by  different routes, we will both return proudly and openly to US soil.

That's the intentions - but it needs our supporters, our network, to make it happen. It needs people like you

  • To come on the caravan as a caravanista either within the US and/or to Cuba we want people to come to Cuba with us, but if that’s not possible we also want supporters to be there with us at the border crossing.
  • To spread the word to your friends, neighbors, colleagues or congregation we can provide flyers to circulate.
  • To host a caravan event in your community and to get the media involved if you are interested in this we can put you in contact with other interested people in your community

Contact   for application forms and/or information on being a caravanista   if you want to get involved in hosting or contributing material aid

Our website at  has  information and flyers that you can download.

The full program is June 17-July 1: Caravan routes with educational presentations and aid  collections throughout the US and Canada

July 2-7: Participant orientation in Texas. Border crossing into Mexico. Travel to Tampico and load material aid onto cargo ship

July 8-15: Fly to Havana for Caravan educational program in Cuba.

July 16: Return to Tampico, Mexico and travel to Mexico/US border

July 17: Reverse challenge; cross the Mexican border into the US, delivering aid from the Cuban people to the people of the US

$$$$$$$$$$ Of course cash is always needed to finance this ambitious project

To make a financial donation - checks or money orders should be made out to  IFCO and mailed to our New York office, or you can phone the office  (212-926-5757) to make a credit card donation.

IFCO has 501(c)3 status so donations are tax-deductible and a receipt can be mailed to you for use in preparing your income tax.

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