Join the 37th Contingent of the Venceremos Brigade!!!  Applications now available for July 2-17, 2006, work brigade to Cuba!!

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Now is your opportunity to join the Venceremos Brigade's travel challenge, to see Cuba, and to defend your constitutional right to travel.

Since 1969, over 8,000 Brigadistas have traveled to Cuba to see the Cuban revolution for themselves and to take a stand against the unjust and immoral U.S. policy towards our neighbor.

Over the years, Brigadistas have harvested sugar cane, citrus, and corn, built housing, painted and repaired buildings - working side by side with Cuban workers and students. At the same time, we meet with leaders of Cuba's federations, mass organizations, and with artists, teachers, social workers, and Cuban 'internationalists' (people who have served abroad, fighting apartheid in Southern Africa or fighting disease throughout the world) and many others. Our goal is to see and learn as much as possible and hear from as many voices as we can. It is truly a life-changing experience.

The Venceremos Brigade has never requested a license from the U.S. government to travel to Cuba. We believe it is our Constitutional right to travel where we please. While the vast majority of the U.S. public supports an end to the travel restrictions, the Bush Administration has increased harassment of Cuban travelers and has eliminated almost all possibilities for legal travel. In response, the VB has organized extremely successful public travel challenges since 2002.

Many Brigadistas have received letters from the Department of the Treasury demanding information and threatening fines. The government is reacting to our challenge and we will continue to fight legally and politically - and collectively - to resist these threats and to end the restrictions.

This is why we need more people than ever to participate in the 37th Contingent, our 4th annual Travel Challenge.

Here is your chance to be on the cutting edge of the movement to end the U.S. restrictions on travel to Cuba and to see Revolutionary Cuba with your own eyes - If we don't stand up for our constitutional rights, who will?

This year we will be traveling to Cuba July 2-17, 2006, crossing the bridge into Buffalo, New York, on July 17th. The VB will visit both the eastern and western parts of the island, staying in a school near Santiago and in Havana province at our international work camp. All Venceremos Brigade travel challengers attend legal and other preparation sessions prior to the trip. Contact us for more information and an application.

Venceremos Brigade
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voicemail: 212-560-4360

" has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws" Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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