Resolution of the All-European Congress of Solidarity with Cuba (Vienna, Sept. 20-22, 2002) on the Cuban 5

To the People of the U.S. and their representatives in Congress.

Dear Friends,

The events of the 11th of September shocked us all very deeply. We feel sincere sympathy for all the victims and their families. We condemn without reservation these acts of terrorism. That is why we, citizens of Europe, ask for your attention in the case of ´the Miami Five`.

We understand very well that American people and all the peoples of the world find it necessary to protect themselves against terrorism. Therefore we hope you will understand the necessity for the Cuban people to do the same.

It is well known that since the 1960´s anti-Cuban terrorist groups have been operating in Miami with the aim to attack the Island of Cuba. It´s also well known that they have the tacit support of the CIA and the FBI. These groups use all methods, including murder of civilians, bomb explosions and other terrorist acts against the Cuban people. Even American citizens have been the victim of their acts. Of course Cuba tries to avoid such attacks on its territory. In the past the FBI resisted all cooperation with the Cuban government on this issue . That´s why Cuba sent people to those terrorist groups in Miami to get information so as to be able to prevent attacks on its own territory. The U.S. reserves the rights to do this in other countries.

Four years ago five Cubans were arrested by the FBI. They were sentenced by the Court of Miami and received penalties from 15 years in prison to double life imprisonment. Their only crime is that they have protected the Cuban people against terrorist atrocities. We believe that the trial was unfair: the case was held in Miami where a neutral and just process was impossible for the five Cubans. No proof was presented that the five engaged in spying against the United States. In fact high ranking U.S. military personal testified that at no time did the five Cubans present a threat to the security of the United States. Their severe sentences and treatment is inhuman. For two of them, the wives and children are denied the right to vistit them, despite the fact that they are citizen of the United States.

We understand very well the anger of the American people towards terrorists. We share that anger. The Cuban people have already suffered many atrocities during for more than forty years. Therefore we are confident that the American people and their elected representatives will understand our petition to the government of the U.S.A. to immediately release these five Cubans. In Europe thousands of people signed a petition to release the ´five´. We hope that all those Americans who have a feeling for true justice will support the ´Free the Five` campaign.

Resolution from the All-European Congress of Solidarity with Cuba, Vienna, Austria, 20-22 September 2002.

35 solidarity groups with Cuba from 21 European countries.

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Osterreichisch-Kubanische Gesellschaft - Austria
Iniciativa Cuba Socialista – Belgium
Netzwerk-Cuba Informationsburo-e.v. - Germany
Vereinigung Schweiz-Cuba - Switzerland
Freundschaftsgesellschaft BRD-Kuba e.v. – Germany
Swedish-Cuban Association – Sweden
Malta-Cuban Association – Malta
Associazione Nazionale di Amicizia Italia-Cuba - Italy
Cuba-Sí - Germany
Romanian-Cuban Friendship Association - Rumania
Cuba Support Group - Ireland
Danish-Cuban Friendshipassociation - Denmark
Coordinadora Estatal de Solidaridad con Cuba – Spain
Asociación de Amistad y Solidaridad con Cuba de Aténas – Greece
Cyprus-Cuba Association - Cyprus
Spolocnost priatelov Kuby na Slovensku – Slovakia
Oxfam-solidariteit - Belgium
Cuba Solidarität Heidelberg - Germany
ÖKG – Austria
Bremen-Cuba : Solidarität – Germany
Cuba-Solidarität-Potsdam - Germany
FG Berlin-Kuba e.v. – Germany
Asociación de Amistad Checo-Cubana - Czech Republic
Amistad Luxemburgo-Cuba - Luxemburg
Greek-Cuban Association of Friendship and Solidarity–Thessalonici - Greece
Cuba Solidarity Campaign – Great Britain
Kubahilfe- Wien - Austria
CDR Austria „Antonio Maceo" - Austria
Comité pour la solidarité à Cuba-Nord Pas de Calais - France
Asociación de amistad Albania – Cuba - Albania
José Martí Association of Turkey for Friendship with Cuba – Turkey
Associaçao de Amizade Portugal-Cuba - Portugal
Casaz Amistao Castelbefels-Cuba-Barcelona - Spain
Asociació Catalana de Brigadistas a Nicaragua-Barcelona - Spain
DKP Cuba Arbeitsgrüppe - Germany 


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