Get Involved to Help Get the Cuban Five in the New York Times!

posted: December 20, 2003

The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five is launching a campaign to place a full-page ad in the New York Times.

Click here for more information about who the Cuban Five , or see

There is no more urgent time than now to do your part in their struggle for freedom.

Please help us break the media blockade that is keeping their struggle for freedom from being known to the people of the United States and around the world.

Currently, the Cuban Five are appealing to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta for a new trial out of Miami.

But their legal battle needs backing by political pressure of the people. That has always been true for imprisoned freedom fighters, from Nelson Mandela to Leonard Peltier to Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Once the people of the United States are made aware of the existence and struggle of the Cuban Five, of their mission in stopping terrorism and saving Cuban and American lives, we are certain that the vast majority of people will support their fight for freedom.

The New York Times is the U.S. newspaper of record. A full-page ad in the Times will broadcast the case of the Cuban Five to the world.

Your financial contribution is critical!
Make a donation to the New York Times Ad fund today!

Please $1,000, $500, $100, $25 or any amount you can, to go toward the publication cost, about $50,000. Together we can do it.

To make a credit card donation, click here:

By mail in the United States:
Make a check or money order payable to:
Peace for Cuba/New York Times Ad
Mail to: Free the Cuban Five Committee
2489 Mission St., Room 24
San Francisco CA 94110 USA
Tel: 415-821-6545
Visit our website:

To donate in another country:

Check or money order to:
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
(mark on reverse or in memo: "NY Times advert")
C/o Red Rose Club, 129 Seven Sisters Rd.
London N7 7QG

Tel: [int'l code +44] (0)20 7263 6452
Fax: [int'l code +44] +44 (0)20 7561 0191
Email: office@c...

Cheques, to: Australia Cuba Friendship Society Western Suburbs
(with "NY Times ad" in notation), can be posted to:
P.O. Box 3275, Liverpool NSW 2170

Cheques or cash can be directly deposited to:
Account Name: Australia Cuba Friendship Society Western Suburbs
Account Number: 22196 10551367
Account Type: Savings
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Make check or money order out to:
Free the Five Committee - Toronto
P.O. Box 743, Station F
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2N6  CANADA
Telephone: (416) 533-7971
Fax: (416) 744-6143
Email: freethefivetoronto@c...

Association Québécoise des Amis de Cuba
a/s: comité québécois de défense des 5 patriotes cubains
5655, Ave Royale
Boischatel, Québec
Canada, G0A1H0

¡Basta ya! Netzwerk Cuba - Informationsbüro - e.V.
Weydingerstr. 14 - 16
10178 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 29494260
e-mail: info@n...
Spendenkonto: 32 33 31 00 bei der Postbank Berlin,
         blz: 100 100 10
Stichwort: "miami5, N.Y.-Anzeige"

Samuel Wänitsch, coordinator:
Vereinigung Schweiz-Cuba (Asociación Suiza-Cuba)

CH-4314 Zeiningen
Postcheck-Konto 30-36190-7
Vermerk: los cinco

Make check payable to:
Comite France Cuba
Attention: Andrea Palol
8 Square Saint Ferreol
66100 Perpignan
Tel: (33) 0608321736

Free the Five-comité
Iniciativa Cuba Socialista  
Haachtsesteenweg 53
1210 Brussel
0032 2 209 23 50
Rekeningnr. 001-0451780-30 van VZW Steunfonds Derde Wereld met vermelding "NYT"

José Humberto Chacon, director:
América Sin Fronteras (Comite Pro Liberación de los Cinco)
Dirección: Urbanización Coromoto, San Francisco,
Estado Zulia, Venezuela

Correo Electrónico:
josehumbertochacon@h...  ;
telephone: 0261-7311179 - Celular 0416-4655137.
contact first, for more details

Comite Venezolano de Solidaridad con Cuba
Contact: Cristóbal Alba
panacuates@y... or cristorebelde@y...

Comite Argentino por la Libertad de los Cinco
Address: Avenida Corrientes 1785  2º "C" - CP (1042) - Buenos Aires - Argentina.
Telefax: 54 11 43718066   
Phone: 54 11 43713939
Contact persons: Graciela Rosemblum and Edith Glaif

Grupo de Apoio aos Povos Oprimidos - GAPO
Contact: CARLOS de PAULA

Comité de Sao Paulo
Contact: Zanini

Comité Amigos de Cuba
Cali, Colombia

Asociación de Amistad Hispanocubana "Bartolomé de Las Casas"
de Sevilla, Andalucia
Parte de la Coordinadora Andaluza de Solidaridad con Cuba. .
Dirección: asocubasevilla@t...
Basi Dominguez. Coordinadora General

Contact: Gustavo Espinoza M.
Comité Nacional Peruano
e-mail: gustavoe@t...

Other ways you can help:

The ad will include relevant information about the case, and signatures of politicians, celebrities, writers, poets, singers, Nobel Prize recipients from around the world and the United States.

1) Ask any renowned person or celebrity that you may know, if they would be willing to sign the ad.

2) We need to gather $50,000 to cover the cost of the ad. Placing the ad will take as long as it takes to gather the money to pay for it. A way to expedite the time will be to contact people or foundations with a lot of resources and ask them to give a generous donation to cover the costs.


Who are the Five?       

They are five Cubans who were trying to stop the ultra-right terrorist groups in Miami from carrying out violent actions against the people of Cuba.

Since 1959, these organizations have conducted bombings, assassinations and other sabotage, killing hundreds of innocent Cuban civilians. Groups like Alpha 66, Omega 7, Brothers to the Rescue, and Cuban American National Foundation have terrorized the Cuban people for years with impunity.

The Cuban people have been targets of U.S. policy, including a 43-year economic blockade designed to punish a whole people who have chosen a different road for building their society. They have been victims of terror attacks by the Miami-based mafia, many of whom came from the wealthy class that left Cuba after the popular overthrow of dictator Fulgencio Batista. Others of the ultra-right in Miami were police thugs for the Batista regime.

Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, René González and Fernando González, acting in defense of their people, were living in Miami, monitoring these terrorist groups to prevent future violence.

But because the U.S. government - through the CIA - has played the principal role in funding, training and arming the ultra-right Miami mafia, the FBI targeted the five Cubans instead of arresting the terrorists.

This is the only reason that the five Cubans are in prison. They were framed up in a political witchhunt and railroaded by the U.S. in a 7-month trial in Miami, where it was impossible for them to have an impartial and fair trial.

Falsely charged with espionage on the U.S., in reality, the five brothers' mission was to follow the activities of the right-wing to prevent harm to innocent people. After their arrest by the FBI in September 1998, they were convicted June 8, 2001 and sentenced December 2001.

The months-long struggle to free Elián González from the Miami right-wing showed the U.S. people the true nature of these Mafia-type groups in Miami, who so cruelly tried to deny a father and his son their right to live together in their own country, simply because that country is Cuba.

Terrorists like José Basulto and Ramón Saúl Sánchez, who have been convicted of criminal acts, actually became "spokesmen" for the Miami family. They vowed never to let Elián return home and put him at tremendous risk for their political aims.

To all justice-loving people in the U.S. and around the world, we appeal to you to join the struggle to free Fernando, René, Antonio, Ramón and Gerardo. Help us in outreach, education and organizing, because once people know the facts of the case, we are sure they will call for their freedom as well.

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