Women of the world, friends, sisters: May, 1945 was the month that marked the end of the Nazi-fascist barbarism in Europe, the end of World War II. The most hopeful believed that the governments, militaries, politicians, scientists, artists, writers, women and men from all over the world had learned the hard, dramatic lesson that that world conflagration had taught. The need for peace was an imperative not only to repair the immense damages, but as the only possible way to create a climate for progress towards improved relations and coexistence among peoples and nations. There was the illusion that peace, as a concept of a harmonic life, was embedded in each and every one of the persons who participated in or were living witnesses to that horror.

Women of all the continents, many of whom were still mourning their lost loved ones, united, organized themselves and decided to struggle together with the new generations in order to prevent the return of the fascism in Franco's Spain and in Italy, where Mussolini murdered 410 thousand Italians; to prevent the return of Nazi-fascism, that criminal, demon-like doctrine which induced Hitler's hordes to do away with or devastate, the lives and the work of millions of human beings.

For women to give life and to defend it, even beyond other ideological considerations, is an act inherent their nature. That is why they have never ceased to struggle, because very soon the realities of history made them understand that peace never arrived. In the 58 years that have elapsed since those days of victory, other wars were waged in other regions of the world. North American imperialism kept on organizing, financing and carrying out invasions, along with repressive actions in its own country. Occupation of territories, economic blockades, and political blackmail abroad while it continued to persecute and jail those who struggled for civil rights, for independence, and the sovereignty of their peoples. They promoted coup dŽetats , supporting the dictators with a lot of means, including specialists of tortures and covering up terrorist actions from their own cities and States.

In these times of neo-global liberalization, North American imperialism, reaffirmed in its expansionist plans, has increased and has made its weapons more incredibly and destructive, and assisted by the uncalculated dangerous new technologies of war, information and communication, has turned itself into a regent, into the new world master. It has turned into an empire with much more economic, military, interfering and technological power, accumulated through the imposition of a policy of robbery, looting,violence, which has geared the majority of the inhabitants of the planet into poverty and indigence.

Women know well the calamities provoked by this neo-liberal model because they constitute the majority among those which are excluded, among the illiterates, among the vulnerable groups, among the abandoned, among the poor of the world.

Among the increasing women's movement in the entire world there are no longer doubts, even among those that one day could of had them in relation to:

· The origin of inequality and discrimination of women in the society and in the family.

· The lack of political will, of actions and resources to promote the unleashing of their potentialities.

· The impossibility to enjoy all their human rights without renouncing, including the possibility of creating the legal, social, economic and cultural conditions to attain social equality between genders.

Undoubtedly, the true current causes of the disadvantaged situation and the social and legal condition of women are not embedded in each man, but in the unjust social order which prevails in the majority of the countries and in the unpredictable effects of the pretension of imposing a world military dictatorship which acts with impunity and which is based on the brutal force, on the economic power mainly of the great oil and weapon consortiums of the imperialist power.

Since a long time ago, women identify the racist and sexist essence of this neo-liberalism because it excludes them, it considers them objects of the market, it condemns them to the inequality of that doctrine which promotes injustice and irrationality and discriminates them only for the fact that they are women. Women who are diverse and strugglers, white, mixed race, Indians. And this is because fascism always stipulated the superiority of elite as a conception, now, not only at the economic level, of technological or military power, but at gender as well. Fascism is the greatest expression of sexism, as it is demonstrated by the fact that in the most developed countries, even in the imperialist metropolis, women have not attained equality, not even in the legal sphere. They are still considered as property, as sexual objects, captives of consumption and money, victims of domestic violence and of an absolute oppression, in all the aspects, which already provokes extended and grave alienations.

But undoubtedly, even under those difficult circumstances, today women strive to occupy those spaces that rightfully belong to them and they are, more and more, transforming themselves into active protagonists to change their situation and condition.

 criteria, repulse for the aggressor, a clear awareness that for women today, to say no to war is equivalent to a no to a world fascist dictatorship! Because in any place, we as women understand that fascism is not a phantom, it is again a dramatic and dangerous reality.

Since 1967, North Americans and Englishmen, created another conflict zone in the Middle East, in accordance to their economic interests. Every day, the true objectives to promote a Zionist stronghold became more evident, with positions of expansion and war, of a deep fascist root, in order to expel the Palestinians from their territories.

Ten years ago they began to bombard Iraq testing their sophisticated weapons.

In Europe they launched a war against Yugoslavia.

Their intelligent bombs murdered thousands of girls and boys with their mothers in Afghanistan! And they decided to totally destroy Iraq with absurd pretexts. There, in Baghdad, the North American and British soldiers that died were counted, but nothing has yet been said concerning how many Iraqian soldiers died, how many women, girls and boys, how many elderly were assassinated in the capitol and in the rest of the country.

 The few images that were allowed to be seen in television portrayed the monstrosity of this war! We will never forget the small faces of the girls and boys, with their open eyes, whose pieces, put together by ribbons, bundled in a cemetery truck.

 The Latin American and Caribbean women will never forget the sinister Dan Mitrione and other advisors of death like him, who trained torturers and repressors in those years of brutal fascism in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina, designated by the United States of North America.

The Mothers and Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo (May Plaza), such as many others of our region, are still looking for the traces of their sons and grandson's. Do they think that we can forget the young mothers who were submitted to the cruelty of having their children robbed in their own wombs while being murdered?

The women of Cuba have also never forgotten our 20 thousand dead due to the Batista tyranny, nor the thousands of victims of the terrorist acts as a result of the criminal actions of the counter-revolutionary mafia based with impunity in Miami, and financed by the successive U.S. Administrations, stimulated by adopted laws, measures and policies, to do away with the Revolution of the Cuban people.

The rebel history of our island, which has been coveted since the XIX century by the most reactionary and interfering sectors of the successive North American governments, has based itself on truth, love for justice and liberty, on the unity of the people. It would not have been possible to resist, in another form, the criminal blockade for more than four decades, to put up with the permanent harassment, the arrogant presence of the Naval Guantanamo base in a part of our territory: the despise, all types of aggressions and the historical expansionist intentions to expropriate our independence, at the end of the war, that had been won against the Spanish colonial regime, and trying to undermine the foundations of our revolutionary process in all the periods.

They uselessly have tried to isolate us, a thing that they have not been able to achieve, not even with their own people that are closer to us every day, breaching a blockade that has also been imposed on them.

The women of the world know that North American imperialism has always had its intention to destroy our Revolution. You can today see that the possibility of a direct attack is more tangible. It is paradox and absurd that while we have been victims for more than 40 years of all forms of terrorism, coming from their center in Miami, we are today included in the North American list of those accused of being dangerous terrorists.

Our Government has had to adopt painful measures in an act of legitimate defense in the face of the kidnapping of a passenger's ship, a terrorist attempt stimulated by the government of the United States, which encourages the common potential delinquents to assaults ships or planes, with passengers inside, many of whom are children. This unleashed a wave of kidnappings, which was underway, which had to be detained. The women of Cuba do not vacillate in supporting these measures, although they may seem unpleasant to us, because it is not only a matter of guarantying the life of innocent hostages, but the life of the entire people, of the integrity of the sovereignty of the nation.

 We could not but acknowledge that the North American State Department has expressed that such acts, similar to the ones that took place, which they have constantly provoked, could constitute a danger for its security. For us it it's a vile lie with which they pretend to justify a brutal aggression against our country.

We know that confusion exists abroad due to the perverse manipulation of these events. We know that some women's organizations of other countries have also had concern in the face of the sentencing to the death penalty of three terrorist kidnappers, of the above mentioned ship. As givers of life, we, the women of Cuba, do not advocate for the death penalty, but through these long years we have been shaken over and over again by the unjust deaths of girls and boys, of youths that succumbed due to the irresponsible, unreflective attitude of those that were tempted by the chants of mermaids of the Cuban Adjustment Act. This law is the legitimization of the North American Government to a rewarded migration which has an exclusive treatment among the migrants, because any Cuban man or woman that arrives to its shores, by means of an illegal manner, is given the category of a political exile.

We are not talking now about persons without a sense of reasoning and responsibility, but of delinquents, of terrorists, of kidnappers, of mercenaries that sell themselves to the interventionist purposes of a foreign power. This is why, although we feel the sorrow for the death of any human being, we understand, as necessary, the drastic sanction which will be able to prevent others from launching themselves to these lethal adventures, which will deepen the grave situation that is taking place. It is a case of life or death and we decidedly support the measures taken by our Government. These were not improvised, there was no double standard act, and the legal precepts were put into practice. An end was put to these vandalistic terrorists acts that took place during the war of the U.S. against Iraq and which constituted a serious danger to our national security.

The women of Cuba make this assessment and interpretation of the danger of the current moment for our country, based on such acute realities, on concrete facts, on the deliberate plans by North American imperialism, in events that have taken place for more than four decades due to the painful losses of children and their mothers, of elderly people, in the waters of the Straight of Florida: in the political discourse of the most reactionary people that govern, which openly uncover the objectives of the clear strategy of erasing Cuba from the face of the world. This is because the Cubans have had the audacity of creating a better world to which the citizens of many countries of the world aspire to.

 A few days after the entry of the North Americans and British in Baghdad, an interview was made to a high spokesman of the U.S. Government and he said the wars would continue, that possibly the list of priorities would begin by Syria and Iran, then North Korea and Libya would be the first. It is clear that we are living under a warmongering fascist world escalade that can unleash another monstrous war in any part of the planet and Cuba is constantly threatened by them.

 As Cuban women, we have many reasons to address the women of the world in this difficult time which we are living. We want you to get to know the reality from us, the women of Cuba, from our principles and from the position we take: for us to defend the Homeland is a sacred duty and it is also the only way to continue structuring our most highest purpose, to have ,here now, a society of justice and solidarity, which we are forging.

Because with Cuba and the Revolution, we, the women of Cuba have reached the sky! That is the only pre-condition to defend the justice that we have conquered in correspondence to the historical demands for all our people, and for us that, as women, reached the Revolutionary period with greater disadvantages, even within those that were exploited and oppressed.

We have always shared with the women of the world the criteria that only with peace the idea of making our world a better home could be prosperous, and the aspiration to attain equal opportunities for all, women and men, to build a world of justice equity and solidarity can advance in different latitudes. This is why, we make a call to the conscience of the women of the entire world, to their human sensibility, solidarity, to the experience and the wisdom shown throughout an entire century of struggles, to attain the spaces and the rights of the women, of all the human beings.

The triumph of peace over war, life over death also depends on us!

That the future won't fall, that the dreams that have become true may not perish also depends on us!

Women of the world, sisters, friends:

Today, more than ever, in no other period of universal history there is the need to tightening our bonds, to globalize solidarity and carry out actions against the fascist terror. Only if we are very united we can detain it and contribute to that reason, common sense, justice among all the human beings, the peoples and the nations prevail.

We do not want our homeland to be the next site of operations of the marines and missiles, of their imperial madness. We do not want war in any place. We also do not want the suffering of the North American people.

We are prepared to defend the work which we are forging, the attainments gained, to defend our daughters and sons and all our people. We are ready to defend each school, each hospital, each house, each millimeter of our territory, and to combat with our men notwithstanding the sacrifices that we may have to make to attain victory. Besides this being a declaration, it is an act of faith and love; it is an irrevocable decision of the women of Cuba and of all our people.

 We are willing to give our lives, convinced that here THEY WILL NOT PASS. WE SHALL OVERCOME!

 Havana City, May 2003
"Year of the Glorious Anniversaries of Marti and the Moncada"


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