VIDEO: Workers Democracy in Cuba. The 17th National Congress of the CTC

28 minutes, VHS, English subtitles. Edited by Gloria La Riva and Tahnee Stair

$25 (plus $3 for postage); $50 for institutions

In April 1996, 1,900 Cuban unionists from the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) held their 17th National Congress in Havana. They discussed every topic affecting the 3 million workers of Cuba, from the reorganization of the workforce to increasing production. Peace for Cuba activists participated as delegates of the U.S.-Cuba Labor Exchange, and have produced this video to give a glimpse into the CTC deliberations.

The video includes interviews with workers, the Congress discussions, the Helms-Burton law, and shows exciting footage of the 1.3-million-strong May Day march. The video is excellent for student and union presentations, political events and cable video broadcasts.


BOOK: Cuba at the Crossroads: Fidel Castro Speaks to the World

180 pages, Ocean Press. Introduction by Deirdre Griswold

$15.95 (include $1.50 for bulk-rate shipping or $3.00 for first-class mailing)

In a series of recent speeches, President Fidel Castro discusses issues confronting the socialist Caribbean island as it faces the 21st century. Some of the speeches include his October 1995 U.N. address, his November 1994 speech at the First International Conference in Solidarity with Cuba, the speech at the 35th anniversary commemoration of the Cuban victory at Bay of Pigs, and at the April 1996 CTC Workers Congress.

In a honest and engaging manner, President Castro explains how Cuba has survived the economic crisis following the demise of the Soviet Union, and analyzes the measures that Cuba has adopted to assure the survival of socialism. He gives a fascinating history of his first political struggles as a young student at the University of Havana, and the unforgettable early days of the Cuban Revolution.


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