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Posted: 7-19-2005

The New York Free the Five Committee is excited to  report that we have set up a web site for the  New York  Committee. This web site will be devoted to local events  so you can visit to check on local events as well as   developments on the case. The web site is:  

On Tuesday, July 19 at 7pm the NY Free the Five  Committee, Sunnyside Woodside Peace, West Queens Groups  and the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle are sponsoring  the Queens premier of MISSION AGAINST TERROR. If you  missed the NY premier and you live in Queens, you don’t  want to miss this. Special Guest Speakers from the Cuban  and Venezuelan missions.

DETAILS: Tuesday, July 19   700 p.m.
All Saints Episcopal Church
43-12 46th St. at 43rd Ave.
Sunnyside, NY  #7 local train to 46th St.-Bliss St. and  walk one block

On Saturday, July 30 at 7pm various organizations will  sponsor AN EVENING IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE OF CUBA.   310 W. 43rd St. For info call 212.926.5757

Can you help do outreach for the Cuban Five?  If you  are available Sunday July 31 not only will you be helping  the Cuban 5 you can hear Latino Jazz!! Help do outreach at  the summer fest Latino Jazz session anytime 12noon to  930p.m. Queens College Campus. Call Priscilla for more  details at 516.233.8655 or 516.352.6899.

The next protest to demand the extradition of Luis  Posada Carriles will take place Monday, August 29. Actions  are being planned for around the U.S. including El Paso,  Texas. For New York information check website for details  as they are made. August 29 is when the hearing in which  the U.S. immigration court will decide his immigration  status will be held in El Paso.

On May 27, 2005, the Working Group on Arbitration  Detentions of the UN Human Rights Commission adopted a  resolution of its investigation into the case of the Cuban  Five in the U.S. The Working Group resolution concluded  that the imprisonment and treatment of the Five is  arbitrary and made recommendations to the U.S. government  to rectify the situation. This is an important development  that can be very useful for work on the Five. This is the  first time that a UN special commission has issued an  opinion on the uban Five. See the national committee web  site for full resolution.

Here is an excerpt:

The Working Group notes that it arises from the facts and  circumstances in which the trial took place and from the  nature of the charges and the harsh sentences given to the  accused, that the trial did not take place in the climate  of objectivity and impartiality which is required in order  to conclude on the observance of the standards of a fair  trial, as defined in Article 14 of the International  Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the  United States of America is a party.

This imbalance, taking into account the severe sentences  received by the persons under consideration in this case,  is incompatible with the standards contained in Article 14  of the International Covenant en Civil and Political  Rights that guarantee that each person accused of a crime  has the right to exercise, in full equality, all the  adequate facilities to prepare his defense.

The Working Group concludes that the three elements that  were enunciated above, combined together, are of such  gravity that they confer the deprivation of liberty of  these five persons an arbitrary character.

The next meeting of the Free the Five will be THURSDAY,  AUGUST 25 AT 7PM at the offices of the IAC, 39 WEST 14TH  STREET, ROOM 206, between 5TH AND 6TH aves.

Come learn about fall plans for the Cuban 5, reportbacks  on several trips to Cuba and Venezuela this summer,  upcoming plans on the case of Posada Carriles and more.

For further information, call 212.633.6646 or visit  


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