Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Free the Cuban Five event on Friday night
Latin American workers meet in Tijuana

December 7, 8 and 9
Hotel Palacio Azteca
Boulevard Cuautemoc Sur,
#213 Col. Davila
Tijuana, Mexico

Irma Sehwerert, mother of René González, one of the Cuban Five wrongly imprisoned in the United States will speak at a forum in Tijuana, Mexico on Friday, December 7 at 6PM in the Ambar Hall of the Hotel. Ms Sehwerert is coming directly from her homeland, Cuba.

The forum is part of a three day Cuba/Venezuela/Mexico/North America Labor Conference that will bring together union leaders from Latin America, including also from Nicaragua, Bolivia and Colombia. Workers and activists from the United States will have the opportunity to meet with workers in these countries and discuss the important political developments in Latin America and its impact on the workers in the U.S.

The event is being held in Mexico due to the hostility of the United States government towards Cuba which prevents Cubans from visiting U.S. territory, a fact that is exemplified by the refusal of the government to grant visas to the relatives of the Five.

The program includes plenary sessions on Saturday from 9am to 7PM and Sunday from 10AM to 3PM.

Speakers include Raymundo Navarro, Director of Foreign Relations of the Cuban Confederation of Workers; Jacobo Torres, National Coordinator Bolivarian Force of Workers in Venezuela, Pedro Montes, General Secretary of Bolivian Workers’ Federation, Maritza del Socorro Espinales, General Secretary Federation of University Unions and many more leaders. They will be joined by Elvira Arellano, from La Familia Latina Unida.

The event is sponsored by the U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange, the Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas, the Coalición 25 de Marzo, International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five and other organizations.

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