Message to the United States of America intellectuals and artists, read by the author-singer Silvio Rodríguez

In the last few days we have been denouncing an extremely serious and embarrassing fact, so far silenced by the great communication media, which if known in the United States, would offend the conscience of all honest men and women of Lincoln's Fatherland.

The government of said country, self-proclaimed the world leader of the so called war against terrorism, is hiding in its own territory one of the most renowned terrorists of the contemporaneous history.

There exist irrefutable proves that Luis Posada Carriles, as well as other terrorists of Cuban origin, all of them with a broad criminal file, are being harbored by high USA government officials, in complicity with the Miami fascist anti-Cuban groups.

Cuba has been amongst the first countries to denounce the monstrous facts that took place on September 11, 2001,  offering its solidarity with concrete proposals directed to the United States people.  In the conviction that absolutely no reason can justify the death of innocent persons, Cuban Revolutionaries feel deeply affected at the terrifying, unforgettable image of the attack on the Twin Towers.  At the same time, with the bitter moral authority that confers us the fact of having been victims of similar acts during more than  forty years, we demand that those responsible of so atrocious crimes, as the terrorist sabotage against a Cuban airplane that caused the death of 73 civilians, among whom, all the members of the Cuban youth team of fence, be duly punished.

The pain that has damaged during years so many Cuban families does not deserve perhaps all the world concern?  Is that pain  different as the one suffered and being suffered by the families that lost their beloved relatives on that ominous September 11?  Is terrorism legitimate when exerted on Cuba?  Crimes against civilians are justified in this case?  Are they trying that the United States people's conscious coexists with this conception, lacking the most minimal ethical feeling by hiding these facts indefinitely?

Today we ask United States intellectuals and artists, men and women lovers of truth, peace and life, not to permit that the proves submitted by Cuba be ignored and to denounce through all the media at hand, the existence in the heart of the United States society, of this dangerous terrorist coalition.  The Cuban people is not thirsty of revenge, but only yearns for justice.  

Casa de las Américas

Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba

Unión de Periodistas de Cuba

Asociación Hermanos Saíz

Academia de Ciencias de Cuba

posted May 4, 2005



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