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November 17, 1998

The International Action Center will be demonstrating on Tuesday, November 17 at 4:30 p.m. in Grand Central Station to demand No U.S. Bombing of Iraq! and End the Sanctions Now!

There will also be an immediate response demonstration within 24 hours in Times Square should the U.S. bomb Iraq before November 17th.

"It was the immense grassroots response like the one we are planning now that held off the U.S. threats to bomb Iraq in February. And it is this same movement that has consistently demanded an end to the sanctions, as well as opposed repeated U.S. threats to bomb. We are in touch with groups across the country and internationally who are planning a swift response to U.S. threats to bomb Iraq. Any bombing will be met with a firestorm of opposition," said Brian Becker of the International Action Center.

"With only England openly backing U.S. threats and increased militarization in the area, the U.S. is, once again, isolated internationally. The U.S. has doubled the number of Tomahawks in the region and has sent the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise to the Persian Gulf," Becker continued.

"The sanctions have already killed 1.5 million Iraqis over the past eight years. 8,000 more die each month. Sanctions are genocidal weapons of mass destruction and they must be lifted immediately. The weapons inspection process proved itself to be an endless farce. It is incredibly hypocritical for the U.S._with more weapons than all other countries combined_to be leading the way. Iraqis have a right to assert their sovereignty and their right to self-determination without repression from any foreign power.

"Sanctions are also a human rights violation. The International Action Center is currently working with a second Iraq Sanctions Challenge. Lead by Ramsey Clark, the delegation will deliver another large quantity of medicine, as they did in May 1998. They will arrive in Baghdad in time for the activities commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Parliamentarians, religious leaders, human rights activists, writers, artists and trade unionists from all over the world will gather in Iraq to launch a campaign to include economic sanctions in any universally accepted definition of human rights abuses. The conference will focus on the UN's role with regard to sanctions and human rights. Sanctions are the greatest offense to human rights," said Becker.



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