Emergency Protest Actions to Stop the War Against Iraq! Sept.-Oct. 1999

23 Sep 1999

As part of the internationally coordinated week of activities on Iraq from Sunday, September 26 to Saturday, October 2, there are demonstrations and other activities in New York City, San Franicisco, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Minneapolis, Oregon, and other cities.

Please send your local information in as soon as possible so it can be listed on the web page.

Below is information for the New York City demonstration. The text can be used for organizing purposes nationally.

Stop the War Against Iraq!

Stop the Bombings-Lift Sanctions Now!

Stand Up Against Genocide!


Thursday, September 30, 5 pm at the New York Times (229 W. 43rd St., between 7th and 8th) Part of the internationally coordinated Week of Emergency Protest Actions, September 26-October 2, 1999.

Join the protest September 30, 1999, in front of the New York Times office to protest the ongoing U.S. bombing war inst Iraq and to demand the immediate lifting of economic sanctions that have killed more than 1 million Iraqis since August 1990.

What are economic sanctions? They are the decision by rich and powerful countries to forbid poor countries to carry out trade. The poor countries cannot buy or sell products. Their economies shut down. Their workers become unemployed. Food products vanish. Medicine and health care products disappear. Sanctions can kill more people than actual warfare. But the rich countries can kill the people in poor countries without putting their own soldiers at risk.

The U.S. has used sanctions and regular bombing of Iraq for nine long years. More than one million Iraqis have died. Those responsible for this policy should be put on trial for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Instead of exposing this criminal policy, the New York Times functions like a propaganda arm of the Pentagon and CIA. We want the truth, not lies!

The United States government has carried out more than 10,000 combat or combat support sorties since the conclusion of the so-called Operation Desert Fox Operation between December 16-19, 1998. This is terrorism, plain and simple.

The people in the United States are led to believe by the pro-big business media that the U.S. policy of economic strangulation of Iraq, coupled with constant bombings of the country, is caused by the "dictatorial" and "dangerous" government of Saddam Hussein. This is part of the propaganda campaign by the criminals to make their victims appear to be the guilty party. The Clinton Administration is waging this against the people of Iraq because the biggest U.S. oil monopolies and banks want to dominate Iraq’s huge oil reserves (estimated to be 10% of the entire world’s oil.) These ruthless corporations don’t care if there is a dictatorial regime in Iraq as long as it would be a puppet government, like the governments in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Israel.

We demand that the multi-faceted war against the people of Iraq be ended.

No bombing! Lift the sanctions! Self-determination for the Iraqi people! Please join in protest in New York City on Thursday September 30, 1999 in front of the New York Times.

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