An international call from the Troops Out Now Coalition:
No Matter Who Wins The Elections -- The War Will Go On
Bring The Struggle Back In To The Streets

Troops Out Now Coalition March 17


March on Washington -- And Stay There


The 4th Anniversary of the U.S. Invasion and Occupation of Iraq

Troops Out Now!

Forge alliances with movements against the war at home

An anti-racist, anti-imperialist movement is a united movement

Stop the war at home and abroad
End all occupations -- from Iraq to Palestine to Haiti
NO Sanctions & War against North Korea and Iran
Full rights for immigrants
Right to return and recosntruction for Katrina survivors
Money for Jobs, Healthcare, Schools and Pensions - Not War  

November 18 in NYC: Troops Out Now Coalition National Planning Meeting
(Location to be announced)

January 15th: Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday -- National Day Of ACTION

The Troops Out Now Coalition calls on antiwar forces in the U.S. to rise up and take over Washington, D.C., and antiwar forces across the world to march as well on Saturday, March 17, the weekend of the fourth anniversary of the criminal war and occupation of Iraq. TONC proposes that the period between now and March 17th be viewed critically and strategically as a time to re-energize, transform and strengthen the anti-war movement.

As part of TONC's preparations for this period, we will be convening a National Strategy Meeting in NYC on Saturday, Nov.18. We are also targeting, along with other forces, the Monday, January 15, 2007 holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., as a day of nationwide actions against the war at abroad and at home.

The overwhelming majority of the people in the U.S. hate the war and occupation; yet it goes on with no end in sight. According to the latest reports the occupation has killed a minimum of 655,000 Iraqis, along with nearly 3,000 U.S. soldiers with more than 20,000 more soldiers maimed since the invasion of March 2003.

No matter what the outcome of the November elections in the U.S., the occupation of Iraq along with more sanctions and war threats against North Korea and Iran will continue. No doubt many will vote next month hoping that somehow their vote will be interpreted as a vote against the war.

_We cannot vote against the war on Nov. 7 because there is no such  referendum on the ballot._ Even if the Democratic Party wins a majority in both houses of Congress, the war will go on because both the Republican and Democratic parties are dedicated to the interests of U.S. imperialism and not the people of the U.S.

The Democratic and Republican Party politicians may differ both between and within themselves over methods and tactics; however, apart from the mass struggle from below, the politicians of either party are incapable of really stopping Bush's endless war for world domination because of their fundamental purpose which is to defend U.S. imperialist interests.

The two inter-related processes that will end this criminal war and  occupation are its defeat by the resistance of the Iraqi people on one hand, and on the other, the mass struggle of the people right here in the streets of this country that refuse to tolerate the war any longer.

The resistance of the Iraqi people has virtually accomplished its part. The weakness in this equation is the U.S. antiwar movement. The people of Iraq, the Middle East and the entire world are waiting for the people of the U.S. to act on their anger and rise up and stop the war.

At this juncture, our challenge as an antiwar movement has never been clearer.

The political system wants to dissipate, demoralize and channel the mass anger of the people over the war into "safe" outlets that do not threaten the status quo. As a movement, we will be of little use unless we deliberately counter the schemes to pacify mass antiwar anger and help to unify and liberate that anger through political consciousness raising, alliance building, and most importantly, mass struggle. The antiwar movement can draw inspiration, as well as a lesson about boldness, courage and the necessity to take the struggle to a higher level from the example of the millions of immigrant workers who left work across the country on May 1, 2006 to rally and march for their rights. _ Some of the essential needs that we must address as a movement include_:  

Forging an alliance with the movements against the war at home means:

An Anti-Racist, Anti-Imperialism Movement will be a more united movement.


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