Korea International War Crimes Tribunal

June 23, 2001

New York

Report and Final Judgment on US Crimes in Korea 1945-2001

Includes Evidence and Documents on Civilian Massacres during the Korean War

 Indictment of US War Crimes by Ramsey Clark, Former US Attorney General

Research findings, articles, eyewitness testimonies, and presentations


Report Contents

Rev. Kiyul Chung and Brian Becker

Indictment for Offenses Committed by the Government of the United States of America
Against the People of Korea, 1945-2001

Final Drafting by Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General, at the behest of the KTC

1.   Report from the Korean Truth Commission (South) on U.S. War Crimes During the Korean War
June 24, 2000

2.   Report from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on U.S. War Crimes During the Korean War
May 2000


1945-1950: U.S. Military Occupation; Korea Divided

3.   The Question of American Responsibility for the Suppression of the Chejudo Uprising
Bruce Cumings, March 14, 1998

4.   Cheju April 3rd Martial Law: Its Illegality
Kim Soon Dae, March 28, 1998

5.   Cheju April 3rd Martial Law: Was It Legal?
James West, May 1, 1998


1950-1953: The Korean War

6.   Thousands of Political Prisoners Killed
Korea Times, January 6, 2000

7.   Rethinking Nogun-ri Massacre on the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War
Sung Yong Park, 2000

8.   Korean War Crime Investigation in Ham-Ahn County
Byun Si-Young, February 2000

9.   Korea, Like Vietnam: A War Originated and Maintained by Deceit
Brian Willson, December 1999

10. Korean My Lai
Bruce Cumings, October 14, 1999

11.  More Atrocities Revealed: Class Character of U.S. War Against Korea
Scott Scheffer, January 20, 2000

12.  Hidden History of Korean War
Deirdre Griswold, June 15, 2000

13.  Korean Survivors Recount US War Crimes
Deirdre Griswold, June 8, 2000

14.  Digging Too Deep at No Gun Ri
Seth Ackerman, September/October 2000

15.  Liberation by Death
Freda Kirchwey, March 10, 1951

16.  The Daejon Massacre
from Korea Since 1850 by Stewart Lone and Gavan McCormack, 1993

1953-2001: Post-War Crimes

Committed by US Military Soldiers

17.  Crimes Against Kijichon Women
Min Magazine, 2000

18.  In Korea, a Demand for Accountability
March 22, 2000, Statement signed by 73 South Korean NGOs

19.  Statistics on Crimes Committed by US Troops in south Korea
Civil Network for a Peaceful Korea


20.  U.S. Bombing Range in South Korea: Hell on Earth
Karen Talbot, August 2000

21.  Vieques, South Korean Fighters Meet at Maehyang-ri
Berta Joubert-Ceci, August 17, 2000

22.  U.S. Bombs Korean Village
Green Korea, Winter 2000-01

23.  Maehyang-ri and Vieques
Korea Progressive Network

24.  Maehyang-ri People's Fifty-Year Struggle
Korea Progressive Network, November 2, 2000


Two Faces of Colonization

Military Occupation

25.  Time to Bring the Troops Home
Chalmers Johnson, May 14, 2001

Economic Sanctions

26.  The Korean Struggle: Aftermath of the IMF Takeover
James Crotty & Gary Dymski, July/August 1998

27.  U.S. Sabotage of Energy Agreement with North Korea
Brian Becker and Sharon Ayling, March 9, 2000


Historical Reports

28.  Report on US Crimes on Korea
Commission of International Association of Democratic Lawyers,
March 31, 1952

29.  Report from the Women's International Democratic Federation in Korea
May 16-21, 1951

30.  Report from International Scientific Commission on Biological Warfare in Korea and China

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