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NYC: Nov 6--Regional ANTIWAR Conference and a National meeting to STOP FBI Repression

After the elections: Join us for a discussion of a new kind of unified &  inclusive antiwar movement that can challenge the wars abroad and at home

NYC: Nov 6--Regional ANTIWAR Conference

Saturday   Nov. 6 12 Noon to 4 pm 

St Mark’s Church on the Bowery and 10th St & 2nd Ave, New York City


Making it real — a massive movement to bring

 the war $$, troops, and mercenaries home now,

rebuilding our cities, providing jobs, schools

and health care that we all have a right to   

Inclusion and solidarity with the targets of war demonization — building solidarity and confronting anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigotry and racism; combating FBI raids and other repression of antiwar and international solidarity activists

Incorporating the war on Palestine into the

antiwar movement’s demands and actions

Hear concrete plans for the coming months and be part of planning for a giant April 9th NYC antiwar demonstration.

Your input is welcome and essential. Join a working group or regional committee.

It’s all happening at St.Mark’s Church along with literature tables, displays, art, and delicious snacks.

Sponsor: United National AntiWar Committee

Online go to: or call • 518.227.6947 •201.388.7428 •347.341.2521

See reverse side for more information on: speakers, convenors, registration and to learn how you can donate.

Join a discussion with:    

Malik Mujahid  Muslim Peace Coalition, USA 

Nada Khader  WESPAC

Kathy Kelly  Voices for Creative Non Violence 

Marvin Holland  Transport Workers Union, NYC

Margaret Kimberley  Black Agenda Report

Roksana Mun  DRUM (Desis Rising up & Moving)

Abayomi Azikewi  PanAfrica News Wire

and Michigan Antiwar Committee

Larry Holmes  Bailout the People Movement

Lamis Deek  al Awada NY,

Palestine Right to Return Coalition

Joe Lombardo  UNAC co-coordinator

Chris Gauvreau CT United for Peace,

New England United

Sara Flounders  International Action Center

Marilyn Levin  UNAC co-coordinator,

National Assembly co-coordinator

Pete Shell  Thomas Merton Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Teresa Gutierrez  May 1 Immigrant & Workers Rights Coalition

Ray Laforest  International Support Haiti Network, Steering Committee 

Imam Khalid Griggs  Muslim Peace Coalition, USA

Jeff Mackler  National Assembly co-coordinator  

Pardiss Kebriaei  Center for Constitutional Rights

Adaner Usmani  Action for Progressive Pakistan

Maggie Zhou  Coalition for Healthy Communities, Secure Green Future

Andy Pollack  UNAC Palestine Solidarity Caucus

Project Salam

Vamos Unidos

Immigrant Communities in Action

Raging Grannies

Mark Johnson  Fellowship of Reconciliation

Steff Yorek, Minneapolis Subpoenaed Antiwar Activist

Michael McPearson, Co-chair, United for Peace and Justice

The United National Antiwar Committee UNAC was formed at a July 23-25 Albany, New York national antiwar conference of 800 antiwar and social justice leaders and activists from 35 states. The conference adopted a 28-point, nine-month Action Plan culminating in bi-coastal mass demonstrations on April 9 in New York City and San Francisco. (See website for Action Plan) 

UNAC demands that the U.S. government:  

Bring the Troops, Mercenaries & War Dollars Home Now!  Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Trillions for Jobs and Education

Not Wars and Bank Bailouts!

Stop Government Assaults on Unions!

No to Racist Attacks on Muslims, Immigrants

and People of Color!

Civil Liberties for All!

End U.S. Aid to Israel – military, economic and diplomatic!  End for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the siege of Gaza!

REG I STER NOW for Nov. 6 meeting

at: or at the door

Register for literature tables at: 518-227-6947

Sliding scale registration: $10 to $5

No one turned away for lack of funds.

See website: for more information on our Action Program and participating organizations. Learn how you can donate.

For further information call:




Then… From 6:30 to 8:30 pm A National meeting to STOP FBI Repression

Meet with antiwar activists targeted by FBI raids & Grand Jury subpeonas

BOTH meetings are on Saturday, NOVEMBER 6
And BOTH are at St Mark’s Church
2nd Ave & East 10th St in Manhattan
Please make every effort to attend & to pass the word


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