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NYC: Jan. 28: Support Hot and Crusty Workers vs union-busting

To All Defenders of Labor & Immigrant Rights:
Stop Union-Busting and
Job Destruction at Bröd Kitchen

(formerly Hot & Crusty)

On January 14th, the owners of Bröd Kitchen on Manhattan’s Upper East Side suddenly announced that they would shut down the unionized bakery/restaurant permanently the following day. This attempt to throw the nineteen workers out of work is a clear attempt at union-busting. The company announced it at the same time they were supposed to begin negotiations for the union’s second contract. The union represents primarily immigrant and African American workers, some of whom had left their other jobs to work at Bröd. We need your help to stop this attack on workers’ rights here in the heart of New York City.

Bröd is the new name of the Hot and Crusty bakery, where in 2012 workers waged a historic unionization campaign, shown in the award-winning documentary The Hand That Feeds. They fought hard for a better life for themselves and all workers, forming their own union, the Hot and Crusty Workers Association, which won paid vacations, de facto seniority, a union hiring hall and other crucial rights. By trying to wipe that out, Bröd’s owners are pushing forward a climate in which every right won by working people is under attack. These bosses prefer a non-union situation like that at Bröd’s new West 4th Street outlet, where workers don’t have the rights won by those at the 63rd Street location. Against this attempted union-busting, we will be rallying outside Bröd’s West 4th store on January 28th.

Greedy and callous owners who try to boost profits by destroying the rights and livelihood of workers and their families – are we going to stand by and see this scenario play out yet again on the streets of our city? No way! Enough is enough. It’s time for supporters of workers and immigrant rights to take a stand. NYC labor has a vital stake in this fight: in 2012, workers’ and immigrant rights activists helped the Hot and Crusty workers win, with a solidarity rally that brought out Verizon, Con Ed, MTA, hotel/restaurant and postal workers, NYC school and CUNY teachers, Laborers, UAW members and many others. The historic victory for workers’ and immigrant rights that was won three years ago is what Bröd’s owners are trying to destroy today. To stop that from happening, and to defend the rights of us all,


Thursday, January 28, 5 -7  pm


Bröd Kitchen,
31 West 4th Street

(two blocks west of Broadway, near NYU)

Bröd/Hot & Crusty Workers Solidarity
347-652-5724 (Rosanna), 347-488-6936 (Mahoma)


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