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Join the Campaign to Stop U.S. Aggression on the Korean Peninsula - send photos by 3/21

The International Action Center is supporting this campaign called by the Korea Alliance of Progressive Movements!  We urge you all to do the same! 

Stand for Peace on the Korean Peninsula!

Join Our Photo Campaign to End the Korean War - SEND JPG PHOTOS BY 3/21 to
On the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the 1953 Armistice Agreement that temporarily halted but did not end the Korean War, the Korea Alliance of Progressive Movements calls upon allies around the world to stand for peace on the peninsula! 
Sanctions against North Korea and annual U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises are clear signs that the Korean War—a war that left over four million dead and one in three Korean families divided—is not over.  We ask you to take five minutes and join us in solidarity not only against the U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises and against North Korea sanctions, which only harm the North Korean people, but also for peace talks.  Our goal for our “I Stand for Peace” photo campaign is to get at least 200 supporters in the United States (and 1000 in Korea) to commit to the following:
1.     Take a photograph in either a public space or a place in your daily life holding a sign with the following demands written on it:
a.     End Sanctions Against North Korea!  (For more info. on sanctions, check out documents/policy/ 091023shinchoinovotnysanctions .html.) 
b.     Stop the U.S.-South Korea Joint Military Exercises!  (For more info., check out documents/interviews-opeds/ 130220christinehonghyunleelurc hingtowardswar.html.)  
c.     End the Korean War! (and/or) Peace on the Korean Peninsula Now!
2.     By this Thursday, March 21, post a picture on your Facebook wall, Twitter account, or any social networking site that you are a part of.
3.     Also by March 21, send your photo in jpeg format to so that we can compile it into a mosaic to be used at press events (attached is a sample mosaic) in South Korea.
Our goal is not just to create a powerful symbol of solidarity to use in our press events but also to awaken people to the ongoing 60-plus year fight for peace and reunification. We have had six decades of a precarious stability marked by military conflicts.  Now is the time for peace!
Through this campaign, we aim to counter the false belief that the peoples of the United States and South Korea support joint military exercises and a punitive sanctions regime that harms the North Korean people.  Together, we stand to say, “I Stand for Peace on the Korean Peninsula!”

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