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NYC: Emergency Mobilization Against Racism, War and Anti-Muslim Bigotry Planning Meetings for September 11

SUNDAY, SEPT 11 Unity Rally
Planning Meeting WEDNESDAYS, Aug 24 and 31 at 6pm
Solidarity Center at 55 West 17th St, #5C, NY, NY 10011 

We are writing with a sense of great urgency and concern.

Extreme right wing racist forces, who last year whipped up an ugly climate of hate against the Islamic Prayer Center at 51 Park Place, have announced new plans for Sunday, September 11 this year at the same location.  

Last year the media claimed that this well financed hate group represented the views of a great majority of the population. However many of us considered it a responsibility to show that they do not speak for the people in NYC

We organized, with the help of many thousands who responded, a far larger and dignified outpouring to stand for unity and solidarity and against racism, war and anti-Muslim bigotry. 

This year on the 10th Anniversary of September 11, it is more important than ever that we do not allow this grouping to be the only voice speaking to the media and to the world. It is especially important to counter in this period the forces who want blame immigrants and Muslims for the growing economic crisis, cutbacks in social services and continuing wars. 

In response to this year’s new threats, we must revive the Emergency Mobilization Against Racism, War and Anti-Muslim Bigotry.

Please join with us on WEDNESDAYS, Aug 24 and 31 at 6pm to plan for a rally of unity and solidarity. This will give us time to be well organized with a clear message. 

The planning meeting will be at the Solidarity Center at 55 West 17th St, #5C, NY, NY 10011 (between 5 & 6 Ave) Take the A,B,C,E,F,L,M,1,2,3,4,5,6, or NJ PATH trains to 14th St. After 6pm there is also free parking on the street. Please invite others who you think would be interested in participating. 

Light refreshments will be served so that those fasting for Ramadan can break their fast at 8pm. 

We will also have an update on the plans for the Palestine Rally scheduled for Thursday, September 15 marching from Times Square to the UN.  

Please consider now if you can add your name and your organizations name in support of this united gathering on Sunday, Sept 11, 2011.

We look forward to seeing you these Wed, Aug 24 and 31 meetings at 6pm.


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