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HELP place an anti-racist subway ad to build solidarity

Download PDF of Anti-Racist Ad

The International Action Center plans to submit an ad opposed to racism, anti-Muslim bigotry and war to the MTA on Friday morning, Sept. 28. The IAC ads are in response to the racist ads posted in NYC subway stations — placed by Pam Geller from Stop Islamization of America and American Freedom Defense Initiative. Geller's ads refer to Muslim community members as being "savages" among other offensive language.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) publicly stated that in order to protect freedom of speech, they must accept extreme right-wing racist Geller's $6,000 for 10 ads in the largest mass transit system in the western hemisphere with 8.5 million daily riders.

Help us place this response ad:

We are committed to raising $6,000 in order to immediately place ads promoting unity and solidarity.

The ad will read:

Resist Another War
NO to Racism & Anti-Muslim Bigotry!
Tool of 1% Rule
We, the 99%, Need Unity & Solidarity!

Along with placing the ads denouncing racism, the International Action Center organized a protest at the MTA Offices and challenged the MTA policy in a public hearing on Sept. 26.

The large outrageously offensive signs displayed in transportation centers, subway stops and on buses are part of the growing drumbeat for war. They are intended to make a climate of division and hatred acceptable in New York City. Hate speech, racism and bigotry need to be challenged every time it raises its ugly head.

Swastikas and Nazi symbols would not be allowed on paid ads in NYC. KKK symbols and lynching symbols against Black and Latino people would not be permitted. This is because past peoples' struggles have challenged these hated symbols.

Two years ago around the 9-11 date Pamela Geller, in a well-funded media campaign, tried to whip up in NYC the same climate of bigotry and intolerance against Muslims with an ugly campaign against the building of an Islamic Center blocks from the World Trade Center.

The International Action Center with a broad coalition of forces challenged this campaign to demonize Muslims. Many thousands of people responded with mass rallies and meetings. A strong, united public challenge to the racist, bigoted forces helped to turn the ugly climate around.

It is essential that all those outraged by the racist, pro-violent message be able to see a different message. We will see if this ad promoting Unity and Solidarity is accepted by the MTA.

HELP us raise the funds to place this ad on Friday morning.


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