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Vote Justice & Unity in WBAI Elections

The International Action Center is proud to join with the following organizations that are in the forefront of community organizations of struggle and resistance in NY/NJ area and are endorsing and supporting the Justice & Unity Campaign at WBAI radio in the Local Station Board elections. Justice & Unity will UNDO THE COUP supported by the current WBAI board majority and will help save WBAI and protect community voices on the air


  • ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)
  • Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York (Venezuela solidarity)
  • Artists and Activists United for Peace (AAUP)
  • Asia Pacific Action
  • Bail Out People Movement
  • Centro Laboral Sisa Pakari
  • December 12th Movement
  • Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST)
  • Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition
  • Haitian Coalition to Support the Struggle in Haiti (KAKOLA)
  • Harlem Tenants Council
  • Hon. Marcus Garvey Holistic Center (Brooklyn)
  • International Action Center
  • International Support Haiti Network
  • Jersey City Peace Movement
  • Lynne Stewart Organization
  • May 1st Coalition for Workers and Immigrants Rights
  • Million Worker March Movement
  • New Abolitionist Movement
  • New York Committee to Free the Cuba 5
  • Organizing For Fair Accessible Independent Radio (OFF AIR)
  • Pakistan USA Freedom Forum
  • People's Institute for Survival and Beyond
  • Queers for Peace and Justice
  • Resistance in Brooklyn
  • Roots Revisited
  • S.E.E.D.S.
  • Tri-State Save “Like It Is” Coalition

IF you are a member of listener-supported WBAI 99.5 FM Radio, we urge you to take the time to vote and to vote for ALL 14 candidates supported by the Justice & Unity Campaign. Please remember that completed ballots must be received by OCTOBER 15.

IMPORTANT: Please rank the following names in this order:
1. Lynne Stewart
2. Nia Bediako
3. Russell Dale
4. Sister Betty Dopson
5. Wellington Echegaray
6. Nana Camille Yarbrough
7. Myriam Decime
8. John Brinkley
9. Berta Silva
10. Sharonne Salaam
11. Carlos Canales
12. Terrence Podolsky
13. Sarah Klepner (Take Back WBAI Coalition)
14. Gil Obler (Take Back WBAI Coalition)

As a community service the International Action Center is forwarding the following information on how to mark your ballot, information on the deadline and the issues involved in this election to the Local Station Board at listener-supported WBAI Radio.


WBAI Members: To help save WBAI and protect community voices on the air, it is crucial that you vote for the 14 candidates for the Local Station Board supported by the Justice & Unity Campaign. (For details on obtaining your ballot if one has not yet been mailed to you, and on exactly how to mark your ballot, see below.) Completed ballots must be received by Oct. 15.

Justice & Unity will UNDO THE COUP supported by the current WBAI board majority:

  • Bernard White fired and banned
  • Wake Up Call slashed after 8 AM (5 hrs. per week)
  • Station Manager Tony Riddle removed
  • Spanish-language news "Informativo" endangered
  • Dissenting programmers gagged or removed
  • Unpaid staff union busted
  • Celebrity programming to replace important community voices
  • 7 Black and Latino managers and staff removed throughout the Pacifica network

Justice & Unity has been in the board minority since the manipulated 2007 election, when multimillionaire board member and junk mail magnate Steve Brown was found to have blatantly violated rules to get a group of his allies elected, using a slick, expensive mailing filled with false statements. Since this spring, Justice & Unity has helped organize and work with a growing movement of listeners and staff to reverse the coup and restore local autonomy. This election is crucial to restore Justice & Unity's majority on the board.

For more on Justice & Unity's program -- including its Ten Point Plan to Save WBAI and its Action Plan for WBAI's Financial Stability and Growth, as well as background on WBAI's financial crisis -- go to (where you can download the brochure). To stay informed, sign up for our low-traffic email list by writing to .



How to Fill Out Your Ballot
* You may vote for candidates by giving them a ranking number.
* There are 9 board seats to fill. But you should rank 14 candidates.
* Please rank only J&U-supported candidates in the below order.
* So J&U candidates aren't a stranded minority on a hostile board, please rank all the J&U candidates.
* Do not give the same ranking to more than one J&U candidate.
* To rank each J&U candidate, fill in the box matching the number of your ranking as listed below.
* Please vote ONLY for the 14 J&U-supported candidates.

If you have any questions, call 212-591-2111.

A photo of a sample completed ballot is posted at"  .

IMPORTANT: Please rank the following names in this order:
1. Lynne Stewart
2. Nia Bediako
3. Russell Dale
4. Sister Betty Dopson
5. Wellington Echegaray
6. Nana Camille Yarbrough
7. Myriam Decime
8. John Brinkley
9. Berta Silva
10. Sharonne Salaam
11. Carlos Canales
12. Terrence Podolsky
13. Sarah Klepner (Take Back WBAI Coalition)
14. Gil Obler (Take Back WBAI Coalition)

ELIGIBLE VOTERS * If you did not receive a ballot....
Check your records: If you contributed at least $25 or volunteered 3 hours between July 16, 2008 and July 15, 2009, you should receive a ballot in the mail very soon. (Ballots were mailed from California by bulk mail on August 29.)  A couple who contributed at least $50 should get two ballots. If you do not receive your ballot by September 19, 2009, or need help understanding the ballot, please let us know: or 212-591-2111. Your ballots must be returned in time to be received, not just postmarked, by October 15, 2009.



The Justice & Unity team:

1.  Lynne Stewart (longstanding human rights attorney; has defended many political prisoners; anti-imperialist activist; prosecuted and disbarred by Bush regime)

2.  Nia Bediako (current member, Local Station Board & Pacifica National Board; chair, Pacifica Audit Committee; certified financial analyst)

3.  Russell Dale (Brecht Forum leftist philosophy instructor; music teacher; engineer; activist; former director of Internet company)

4.  Sister Betty Dopson (co-chair, CEMOTAP - Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People; former cable TV host; former Public Relations Director, Harlem Hospital; experienced fundraiser)

5.  Wellington Echegaray (Ecuadoran labor & solidarity activist with Cuba & Venezuela; former chair, Centro de Educación de Trabajadores)

6.  Nana Camille Yarbrough (award-winning film/theater actress, performance artist, book author, cultural activist; radio & TV host)

7.  Myriam Decime (Haitian immigrant; Westchester-based engineer; longtime WBAI active listener)

8.  John Brinkley (member, People's Organization for Progress/NJ, Tri-State Save "Like It Is" Coalition; Hon. Marcus Garvey Holistic Center)

9.  Berta Silva (current member, LSB; Chicana/Latina community activist; labor organizer with 1199/SEIU)

10. Sharonne Salaam (Executive Director & Founder, People United for Children; mother of one of and fighter for all of the falsely accused Central Park Five; former Harlem Community Board member)

11. Carlos Canales (Salvadoran immigrant; organizer, Long Island Workplace Project; steering committee, May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights; former FMLN-NYS coordinator)

12. Terrence Podolsky (member, Take Back WBAI Coalition; former 1199 union delegate, Save CUNY organizer, and student government leader)

Justice & Unity also endorses these activists from the Take Back WBAI Coalition:

13. Sarah Klepner (Jersey shore social justice activist, former youth organizer, revolutionary humanist)

14. Gil Obler (organizer, Green Party; member, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition; Treasurer, NY Power to the People Committee)


Justice & Unity has been endorsed by such activists as Gil Noble, Charles Barron, Esperanza Martell, Pam Africa, Tim Wise, Michael Tarif Warren, Fred Ho, and many others, as well as numerous progressive organizations. For a complete list, go to If you or your organization would like to add your name as endorsers, email

Current Justice & Unity board members: Nia Bediako, Tibby Brooks, Omowale Clay, Lisa Davis, Sara Flounders, Ray Laforest, Father Lawrence Lucas, Berta Silva. Staff allies: Vajra Kilgour, Bob Lederer.


Justice & Unity is doing a mass mailing of the attached brochure to the entire WBAI membership -- this cost thousands. Unfortunately, to win the board majority and return WBAI to its mission, Justice & Unity is forced to compete with the expensive, slick, deceptive marketing done by Steve Brown.

J&U's mailing was created by donated funds and labor, as well as loans. More funds are urgently needed to help with these expenses. Please send a check payable to "Justice & Unity Campaign," and mail to:

WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign
P.O. Box 2690
Manhattanville Station
New York, NY 10027-2690.

Please give generously.



TTo find out more about what you can do to ensure that WBAI remains a radio station committed to fighting for our communities, contact the Take Back WBAI Coalition at: (212) 561-7231 or visit . Also check us out on FaceBook at


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