Call for the War Crimes Tribunal in August in New York

We propose that on Thursday, August 26, 2004, a few days before the Republican National Convention and the nomination of the major accused war criminal George W. Bush to again run for the presidency of the United States, that we hold a hearing regarding U.S. war crimes in New York City within minutes of the convention hall. The latest murderous U.S. military operations in Iraq against the city of Falluja and the uprising of the Mehdi Army have made this initiative even more urgent than before.

The main goal of this hearing will be to bring reporters and reports from Iraq tribunal hearings that have done such painstaking work gathering and presenting evidence to highlight the results of these prior hearings on U.S. soil.

This effort in the U.S. is in harmony with the tremendous efforts internationally -- in Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Spain, and other countries, and including the scheduled hearing on May 8 in New York City -- to hold War Crimes Tribunal hearings to examine the crimes of the U.S.-British aggression against the Iraqi people and occupation of Iraq, or to otherwise bring international charges against Washington and its allies as has been attempted in Britain and Belgium.

We here in the United States ask you to consider and endorse this proposal. We believe its timing and proximity to the Republican National Convention will provide the maximum political impact inside the United States from this international undertaking, and help this work contribute to ending the illegal and criminal occupation of Iraq.

Since August 26 meeting will be held within a few days and a few blocks of the Republican National Convention, we expect it to attract wide publicity both worldwide and in the United States for the work of the international tribunal. This is especially so as the convention itself will be the scene of demonstrations and protests against the Bush administration and its war policies. Those who come to the tribunal will also be able to participate in these later demonstrations and report on these protests in their own countries.

We ask those organizing in other countries to endorse this call. We hope those holding hearings before August 26 can prepare to participate in the action in the United States. We do not expect to be in a position to subsidize travel expenses, but will be able to provide housing in New York for the tribunal period.

The call has already been endorsed by:

Ramsey Clark, International Action Center The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, World Tribunal on Iraq Platform in Istanbul, Turkey  German Committee for the International Tribunal on Iraq Japanese Committee for the International Coriminal Tribunal on Iraq From the Spanish State:   Committee in Solidarity with the Arab Cause (CSCA) &    The State Committee to End Occupation and Win Sovereignty in Iraq(CEOSI) StopUSA, Belgium , All India Anti-imperialist Forum (AIAIF)

For questions and endorsements, write to Sara Flounders or John Catalinotto ( ) of the International Action Center.

Iraq War Crimes Tribunal Thursday, August 26
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