Help Put Bush on Trial for War Crimes

The People Will Judge George W. Bush

Thursday, August 26th, 2004
3:00pm to 9:30pm
Martin Luther King Auditorium
65th St. & Amsterdam
New York, NY


There are only three weeks left to prepare for the War Crimes Tribunal.

As the billionaire war profiteers gather to nominate George W. Bush, the people of the world will gather to convict him of war crimes. Over the past year, sessions of the World Tribunal on Iraq have met in London, Mumbai, Copenhagen, Brussels, Hiroshima, Paris, Monterrey, Munich, Seul, Barcelona, Istanbul, Rome, Berlin, San Jose, Stockholm, Lisbon, New York... Representatives from this international movement will present their findings against the Bush Administration on August 26 in New York City, along with veterans, GIs, community organizers, labor leaders, clergy, and eyewitnesses.1

The People must hold the Bush Administration accountable for its crimes. We need your help to do this.

Please consider donating to help with the enormous costs of this Tribunal, including transportation and housing for representatives coming from all over the world to present evidence, gathering and printing research materials, renting the auditorium, and publishing the Journal of the Tribunal.

You can help by donating on line at :

or by check to "IAC / People Judge Bush" at 39 W. 14th St. #206, NY, NY, 10011.

The Program Journal  will document the Bush Administration's crimes and will serve as an informative and lasting commemoration of the Tribunal; it will be a historic record of the August 26 Tribunal--in which your voice can be heard!

We urge you to be a part of the historic Tribunal Program Journal by taking out a display ad, listing your name as a Sponsor or Friend so you can be included, or making a direct donation towards the costs of this event--donations of all sizes are appreciated. This Journal will serve both as a summary of the findings and research of the Tribunal and a/ Field Guide to the Week of Resistance.

Journal ads can be political statements, solidarity messages, memorial tributes to loved ones, progressive bookstore or website ads. Submissions by anti-war, community, labor, student, religious, legal, artists, writers, and other organizations are welcome. Commercial ads can be sent in as well. Text for Journal Ads or Sponsor/Friends Listing can be emailed to .

Thousands of copies of this Program Journal will be distributed to Tribunal participants, members of the media, elected officials, activists, religious, labor, legal and academic institutions.

Tens of thousands of Journals will be given out to the activists from all over the country who will converge in New York City in late August to protest the administration's policies of war and occupation at the Republican National Convention.

The Journal//Field Guide to the Week of Resistance /will also include maps, a full listings of events with contacts, housing information, legal contacts, a restaurant guide, and much more information of use to the demonstrators.

This is a decisive moment. Polls show that the vast majority in the U.S. are opposed to this occupation and want the troops brought home NOW. Now more than ever, people all over the world oppose the U.S. government.

We also invite you to submit images, artwork, ideas, and research to help with the Tribunal. Send us your ideas at . Please join us on August 26th and contribute to the success of this major effort. Your donations will make a difference and will help to publicize this International War Crimes Tribunal and its findings to anti-war activists throughout the world and right here. It will be a resource for the international anti-war movement. It is only through donations from individuals such as yourself that these decisive and historic events happen.

Thank you for your continuing support, and we hope you can join us.

Be part of a historic event in New York City on August 26!

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