Injustices against the Five denounced in World Social Forum

In Granma, January, 19, 2004

BOMBAY, January.-The cause of the five Cuban political prisoners in the United States was defended today at the 4th World Social Forum (WSF) by Gloria La Riva, U.S. president of the liberation committee for those fighters against terrorism.

They were unjustly imprisoned, La Riva affirmed and called for solidarity to bring them home in the Women's Court on U.S. War Crimes, which were condemned by this symbolic tribunal.

A cable from journalist Ileana García Giraldino of the AIN news agency quoted the social activist who said that the five heroes "need the support of everyone in the world who loves liberty."

In the resistance section of the tribunal, whose members included Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general, the Cuban delegate from the Federation of Cuban Women spoke about the situation of the five anti-terrorist fighters and noted that some of their family members have been denied visas to visit them.

The Cuban delegates have involved themselves in many exchanges, workshops and panels within the WSF, which has brought together more than 75,000 delegates, who are to conclude the conference with a march on Wednesday.


Activists, politicians and academics from all over the world took part in the Sunday session in which the policies of the Bush administration were strongly criticized, and discussed how to halt warfare and militarism.

If the UN is to survive it will have to confront U.S. hegemony, Ramsey Clark affirmed. If the United States dominates the UN as it has done in the past, there will be no security for anyone, he added.

In the midst of demonstrators carrying anti-capitalist placards, activists distributed pamphlets for meetings on the problems in Afghanistan and the U.S. campaign in Iraq.


March for Solidarity with Cuba at the World Social Forum

A march for solidarity with Cuba and demanding the release of the five Cubans unjustly imprisoned in the United States took place in Bombay, in eastern India, the venue of the 4th World Social Forum, Prensa Latina reported.

Delegates from Latin America, the United States, Asia, Africa and Europe participated in the demonstration, bearing photos of Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, René González, Ramón Labañino and Fernando González. "Freedom for the Five," and "Cuba, Solidarity," were some of the slogans of the participants in this mass demonstration outside the Nesco Center, the event's venue. Prior to the march, there was a panel on "Cuba demonstrates that another world is possible," convened by Belgian non-governmental organizations in support of the island and the young men imprisoned in the United States.


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