A call for an emergency demonstration in Washington D.C. on Sat. June 5, 2004

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End U.S. occupations from Haiti to Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!
Stop the massacre in Falluja! Palestine will be free!
Money for Jobs, Education & Health Care!

Bush and the Pentagon have escalated their war against oppressed people everywhere.

Bush kidnapped Haiti's democratically elected President Aristide on Feb. 29. Since then the world's oldest Black republic has been occupied by thousands of U.S. and French soldiers. Massacres have been covered-up by the corporate media, including the overnight slaughter of 78 people by marines in the Belair neighborhood of Port au Prince. Tonton Macoute death squads have been given a license to kill by the White House.

Over 250,000 human beings are being starved and bombed by the U.S. war machine besieging Fallujah. Mosques and apartment buildings have been deliberately destroyed by Pentagon missiles. At least 800 children, women and men have already been murdered in this heroic city. U.S. troops are poised to attack the religious center of Najaf.

These bloody outrages demand an emergency response. We can not be silent. Now is the time to act.

For the war makers are in full throttle all over the planet. War criminal Sharon is embraced by war criminal Bush at the slave-built White House. Bush formally endorsed Israeli settlements on the West Bank and denied the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes. Bush gave Sharon the go ahead to murder Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi.

New threats are made against Venezuela. After conducting the "coupnapping" in Haiti, unelected George Bush wants to overthrow Venezuela's elected President Hugo Chavez and crush the Bolivarian Revolution. Cuba and People's Korea are in the Pentagon's gunsights as well.

None of these crimes are in the interest of poor and working people of the United States, the vast majority of the population. Ten million unemployed need jobs--not new atrocities in Haiti, Iraq and Palestine. Every penny of the $400 billion war budget is stolen from the working class.

For all these reasons we will march on the ruling class capital and Black colony of Washington D.C. on May 22. Join us to demand:

Stop the U.S. occupation of Haiti and Iraq! Bring the troops home now! U.S. hands off Venezuela! Stop all U.S. aid to apartheid Israel! Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea!

This call initiated by:

Coalition to resist the February 29 coup in Haiti, the Haiti Support Network, the Bolivarian Circles, and the International Action Center

Endorsers include:

Ray Laforest; Committee in Support of the Iraqi People; Father Luis Barrios; Dave Welch - delegate, San Francisco Labor Council; All Peoples Congress- Baltimore; SNAFU; Labor for Reparations; Peoples Video Network; Attorney Michael Tarif Warren; International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal; New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine; Korea Truth Commission

TO ENDORSE: email endorsejune5@yahoo.com

For more information call: Haiti Support Network 718-434-8100 International Action Center 212-633-6646

pdf flyer


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