The IAC urges you to support these two events in solidarity with Latin  America.

Cuba/Venezuela/North America Labor Conference Conferencia Cuba/Venezuela/Norte America

December 9, 10 & 11, 2005

Tijuana, Mexico


US/Cuba/Venezuela Relations; the Bolivarian Alternative for the  Americas: an alternative to the FTAA/ALCA; Immigration

Invited Cuban and Venezuelan Union representatives:

Leonel Gonzalez Gonzalez, Director of Foreign Relations of the CTC, Cuba Manuel Montero Bistilliero, Director of the Americas, Department of  Foreign Relation of the CTC, Cuba

Ermela García Santiago, Director of the National School of Cadre of the  CTC, Lázaro Peña

Jose Gil, General Secretary of the Aluminium Workers Union ALCASA and  one of the National Coordinators for the labor central known as the  National Union of Workers (Unión Nacional de Trabajadores, or UNT)

Jose Ramon Rivero, Director of Aluminiums of Venezuela Edison Earl Brown, Official Interpreter of the CTC, Cuba

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Reservations can be made at:
Reservaciones de Hotel: Hotel Palacio
Azteca Blvd Cuauhtemoc Sur #213 Colonia Davila
22400 Tijuana, Mexico
Toll Free from USA 1 888 901 3720
Toll Free From Mexico 01 8000266660
Single Room $64 US Dollars/Double Room $82 US Dollars
Please mention the Cuba Labor Conference to get the discounted price.
Reservations should be made as soon as possible since December 10-12
includes the Mexican Holiday.

Conference Registration/Registro para la Conferencia

City,State,Zip/Ciudad, Estado, Zona posta:_________________
Phone/Telefono:___________________ Fax:_______________
Email/Correo Electronico:______________________________

[ ]Enclosed is my registration fee of $45 U.S. dollars
[ ]Envio mi registro y mi donacion de 45 dolares US
[ ] I would like to give a donation for a low-income participant

Mail your registration to Mandelo por correo a:
US/Cuba Labor Exchange  P.O. Box 39188  Redford MI 48239
Phone/Fax: (313) 561-8330  Email:


Join the U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange delegation -

participate in the

VI World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela (Jan 21 - Feb 1)  

and Bogota, Colombia (Feb. 1 - 4)

Saturday, Jan 21 to Saturday, Feb 4, 2006 $1, 650  

Our hosts will be the Venezuelan Trade Union Federation (UNT). In  Bogota, Colombia from February 1 to 4 meet with leaders and rank and  file union members. We will also tour and visit workplaces. The price of the trip include: round trip airfare from New York City, Caracas,  Venezuela to Bogota, Colombia, hotel (double occupancy) 2 meals per day  (breakfast and dinner), internal transportation to and from the program, translation, visas and the program.  The price of $1, 650 is good  until the end of October. The price may increase for any application  made after that date.

All questions MUST be completed. PLEASE PRINT neatly and/or type. The  original application must be submitted, with a copy of your passport  attached and b$300 deposit made payable to the Labor Exchange All information will be kept confidential

Legal Name (as it appears on passport):_____________________________________________
City_______________State_______Zip Code___________ Phone/Fax ___________________
e-mail: _________________________________
How/from whom did you learn about the U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange_______________________

Expiration Date_______________________
Date of birth_________________________
Place of birth ________________________

Please mail your application to:
US/Cuba Labor Exchange,
P.O. Box  39188,
Redford, MI 48239
Phone/Fax:(313) 561-8330