The International Action Center urges all anti-war and anti-imperialist forces to find ways to deliver this message to the rank-and-file troops of the U.S. military.


Are you a member of the U.S. Armed Forces? Do you have a friend or relative who is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces? If so, this message is meant for you.

President Clinton and the Pentagon generals have put you in harm's way. They pretend they care about you. They say they would do anything to protect your life. But they have put you in danger.

They did this by ordering an attack on Yugoslavia.

Clinton has said U.S. aims are "humanitarian." But Clinton has lied before. He lied about his personal relations. He lied about his political fund-raising. He lied about the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan being a "chemical-weapons factory." He lied about getting U.S. troops out of Bosnia by the end of 1996. They're still there.

He is lying about the attack on Yugoslavia.

U.S. planes are bombing a sovereign country. Yugoslavia's soldiers have crossed no borders. They threaten no other country. Yet they are under NATO attack.

The Pentagon generals say NATO is only bombing military targets--anti-aircraft batteries, command centers, air defense centers, etc. But pictures from Serbia and Montenegro show bombed schools, hospitals, houses and factories.

Yugoslavia is a small country with several different national groupings. The U.S. and its allies are much bigger and more powerful. But the 11 million people who live there are furious that U.S. bombs are killing their children. They know they are defending their country. They feel the moral right to strike back. And because Clinton and the generals have ordered the attack, you will be a target of this fury.

If--and the generals are talking about it already--they send you into Yugoslavia to kill, you will find the entire population ready to rise up against you. And though Yugoslavia is small, during World War II Yugoslav partisans--guerrillas_pinned down 300,000 troops from the German Wehrmacht and finally defeated them.

On demonstrations here against the U.S. bombing assault, thousands of people are chanting, "Kosovo is Vietnam." It brings up the memory of the last time U.S. troops tried to occupy a country. All Vietnam rose up against them and drove them out.

During that war, a U.S. lieutenant--William Calley--led his troops in the burning of a Vietnamese village, killing 330 women, men and children. Calley just took a little further what the Pentagon had ordered--a burn all, kill all assault on the civilian population. Atrocities like that also led many U.S. soldiers to drug addiction, suicide and mental breakdowns.

But there were other U.S. troops who resisted the war. Hundreds of thousands refused to go into aggressive action. Others refused to fight. Some actively organized their buddies against the war. Some felt the war was so unjust that they went over to the other side. Finally the generals decided they had better get out.

Some 55,000 U.S. troops were killed in that aggression on the other side of the world. Many young men were sent home in body bags before thousands began to resist.

You still have the chance to resist this war--before you become a target. You have the right to speak out against it. You have the right to pass out leaflets and organize against this war. You can refuse to re-up as a protest. You can refuse to take the anthrax vaccine and other preparations for chemical and biological warfare.

You have the power to stop the Pentagon's unjust war against the people of Yugoslavia.

Use it.


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