Appendix VI: International Action Center

The IAC was initiated in 1991 by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and other anti-war activists who had rallied hundreds of thousands of people in the United States to oppose the U.S./UN war against Iraq. It incorporates the demand to end racism, sexism, homophobia and poverty in the United States with opposition to U.S. militarism and domination around the world.

The IAC was the main organization in the U.S. to expose the damages of U.S. bombing of innocent Iraqi civilians and the massive destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure. Its organizers compiled and distributed this evidence in videos, international forums and the book, War Crimes.

The IAC coordinated an International War Crimes Tribunal that held hearings in twenty countries and thirty U.S. cities probing the Pentagon's systematic destruction of Iraq. In 1992, the IAC published the ground-breaking book, The Fire This Time, which reports the evidence presented at the tribunal implicating the United States government for gross violations of international law. In it, Clark discusses the military use of depleted-uranium weapons during the Gulf War and its danger to both Iraqis and Gulf War veterans.

In 1993, when President Clinton proposed resuming nuclear testing, the IAC initiated a call titled "End Nuclear Testing Now/Never Another Nuclear Explosion." Over three hundred organizations and prominent individuals signed this call, which was published as an advertisement in the New York Times. One of the many groups that have shared office space with the IAC was the World Uranium Hearing, which held an international meeting in Salzburg in 1992 exposing the effects of uranium mining and testing on peoples throughout the world, with special emphasis on indigenous peoples.

For the last five years the IAC has been a leader of the movement to unconditionally end U.S./UN sanctions against Iraq. The 1996 publication of the book The Children Are Dying was the latest step in that effort. The IAC has also mobilized opposition to the U.S. blockade of Cuba, delivered numerous medical shipments to both Cuba and Iraq and actively opposed U.S. military involvement throughout in Haiti, Somalia, Panama and Bosnia. A major part of the IAC's work is to expose the intricate web of lies woven before, during and after each U.S. military intervention. It shows instead that U.S. intervention is dictated by the drive for profits and that as military funding expands, the money available for education, healthcare and needed social programs contracts.

Depleted Uranium Education Project

In mid-1996 the IAC initiated the Depleted Uranium Education Project to fight against radioactive waste, contamination and nuclear testing. This led to the September 12, 1996 meeting of Non-Governmental Organizations at the United Nations Church Center to expose the health and environmental consequences of DU weapons and eventually to this book, Metal of Dishonor.

The International Action Center is a volunteer activist organization. In its campaigns opposing U.S. intervention, the center relies totally on the donations and assistance of supporters around the country. To be part of a growing network, or to make a donation, request a speaker, or volunteer your support, contact the IAC.




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