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July 3, 1997 Frank Alexander, Sara Flounders

Congressional Hearings on the use of Depleted Uranium Weapons
and Gulf War Syndrome Put Pentagon and the VA on the Defensive

Pentagon slanders Vets suffering DU poisoning

On June 26th, as a result of the efforts of grassroots organizations
around the country, the Subcommittee on Human Resources, Committee on
Government Reform and Oversight held a hearing on Gulf War Syndrome
which addressed the question of the use of depleted uranium weapons.
Testimony was heard from exposed Gulf Veterans exposed to DU; Leonard
Dietz, nuclear physicist from Knolls Atomic Laboratory, and Dr. Asaf
Durakovic; formerly of the VA where he was in charge of studying
imbedded DU fragments in Gulf vets. Members of the Pentagon,
specifically Dr. Bernard Rotsker, and the VA also testified to defend
the use of radioactive and highly toxic depleted uranium weapons
during the Gulf War.

Congress and the Pentagon have been faced with an increasing number of
accounts of Gulf veterans exposed to Depleted Uranium oxides whose
health has suffered and to a growing body of scientific evidence
exposing the drastic health and environmental effects of DU weapons.
In response to these charges, Dr. Rotsker slandered the Veteran's
testimony and the scientific evidence as an Iraqi government
"disinformation campaign .... wherein Iraqi diplomats were directed to
initiate publicity campaign to depict DU as posing a severe health and
environmental threat to Iraq." (Congressional record, Subcommittee on
Human Resources hearing, June 26) Dr. Rotsker of the Pentagon and
members of the VA only added insult to injury by lauding the military
effectiveness of these weapons and presenting no evidence that these
radioactive weapons are not extremely hazardous to the health of
soldiers and civilians alike. These explosive remarks were not
challenged by any of the Congressional members on the committee

This weak defense of the use of Depleted Uranium weapons as highly
militarily effective and an Iraqi disinformation campaign has outraged
the growing international movement to ban depleted uranium. The
Depleted Uranium Education Project demands that a complete and
independent investigation into the toxicological and radiological
effects of the use of depleted uranium weapons during the Persian Gulf
War begin immediately. All concealed government documents must be
released to the public and the use of these weapons banned from all
future conflicts.

In his testimony, Dr. Rotsker quoted from the book, METAL OF DISHONOR-
How the Pentagon Radiates Soldiers and Civilians with Depleted Uranium
Weapons. The DU Education Project has documented DU exposures in
this recently published book which is available by calling
1-800-247-6553 or by contacting the above address.


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