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November 23, 2005

Dear All Vets:

Our son-in-law served in Desert Storm and was exposed to several chemicals. On his return home we all were concerns about the chemicals he was exposed to, exposed to several chemicals - I can't recall all the types.

Our 1st granddaughter, born 1992, was born with a very smal hole in her spine, showed no other effects of her dads exposer to chemicals. Our 2st granddaughter, born 1993, was born with a very smal hole in her spine, showed no other effects of her dads exposer to chemicals. We were aware of Vet's children born with Spina Bifida, parent who served in Desert Storm.

My request to all Vets now is:

Our 1st granddaughter, born 1992 - now 13, has been diagnosed with Childhood soft tissue sarcoma, the very rare type. I've been search the web for any and all information about this cancer. I came across a small article related to Desert Storm Vets & chemical exposer and their children developing cancers, there was a small piece that mentioned soft tissue Sarcoma. Doctors, Cancer Research Hospitals etc have been working hard on this cancer - very little information is known about this rare cancer.

"Please" does any Vet have ANY information on Vet's children and cancers and can provide us links.

We don't have much time, she is seriously ill, will be under going Chemo and radiation very soon.

Please sent links to my e-mail address: im4gbayp@yahoo.com. If you are aware of other families please forward this request.

Please keep Destiny in your prayers, we love her so very much. She is a good child - loved by family, friends, neighbors, teachers, her doctors. She helps other's always, mentor to LD children, never curl to others. She does not speak about her illness, does not want to worry others.

Note: my husband - Destiny's papa, retired from the US Army, served mostly out of Ft.Campbell 22 years, in 1990.

Thank you for taking time to read this, Thank you for any information that can be sent to us.

Destiny's grandmother


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