9| Military and Media Collaborate in Coverup of DU (excerpt)

The relationship between corporations, the Pentagon and the news media comprises a powerful trinity, with the Pentagon's military policies advancing the corporations' financial interests, and the media's corporate owners defining editorial policy.

Lenora Foerstel

In April 1994, Women for Mutual Security received an invitation to meet with members of the Iraqi women's organization in Baghdad. While in Baghdad, WMS delegates visited the Amiria bomb shelter. The shelter was considered safe for the eight hundred women and children who fled there during the Gulf War, yet a depleted-uranium projectile fired by a U.S. plane was able to penetrate the shelter's walls, killing every mother and child. Long after the mass burials of the victims, one can still see the imprint of their bodies pressed against the walls of the shelter.

A visit to a hospital in Baghdad revealed other insidious effects of the intensive Gulf War bombing campaign. In a special ward of newborn babies suffering from radiation diseases and mutations, babies had extra toes, fused fingers and missing ears. The young doctors attending the ward reported that the babies also had internal problems which had not been seen before the war. Many of the same symptoms seen among the Iraqi babies have appeared in the newborn of American soldiers who fought in the Gulf War.

Laura Flanders, journalist for FAIR magazine, published a report prepared by the U.S. Veterans Administration covering a state-wide survey done on 251 families of Gulf War veterans living in Mississippi. A study of their children conceived and born since the war shows that sixty-seven percent were born with severe eye defects or no eyes and ears. They also suffer from blood infections and respiratory problems.

New studies demonstrate that low-level radiation can cause genetic instability and cancer in the children of exposed parents. This means that the exposed persons may or may not die of cancer, but their offspring have a greater chance of inheriting the mutated cells.1


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