23| How DU Shell Residues Poison Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (excerpt)

A spent depleted-uranium shell I found in Iraq was confiscated by a large police detachment in Germany, carried away under enormous safety precautions and stored in a specially shielded deposit. My efforts to have it examined got me into serious trouble.

Prof. Dr. Siegwart-Horst Guenther

Depleted-uranium projectiles were used for the first time by the allied troops during the Gulf War in 1991, with devastating effects and consequences.

At the beginning of March 1991, I detected projectiles in an Iraqi combat area that had the form and size of a cigar and were extraordinarily heavy.

At a later point in time, I saw children play with projectiles of this kind; one of them died from leukemia.

As early as at the end of 1991 I diagnosed a hitherto unknown disease among the Iraqi population which is caused by renal and hepatic dysfunctions.

My efforts to have one of these hitherto unknown projectiles examined brought me into serious trouble in Germany: the material was highly toxic and radioactive. The projectile was confiscated by a large police detachment, carried away under enormous safety precautions and stored in a specially shielded deposit.

During the last five years I have been able to carry out extensive studies in Iraq. Their results produced ample evidence to show that contact with DU ammunition has the following consequences, especially for children:

• A considerable increase in infectious diseases caused by most severe immunodeficiencies in a great part of the population;

• Frequent occurrence of massive herpes and zoster afflictions, also in children;

• AIDS-like syndromes;

• A hitherto unknown syndrome caused by renal and hepatic dysfunctions;

• Leukemia, aplastic anemia and malignant neoplasms;

• Congenital deformities caused by genetic defects, which are also to be found in animals.

The results of my studies show similarities to a clinical picture described recently by the term of the so-called Gulf War Syndrome in American and British soldiers and their children. The congenital deformities caused by genetic defects in American and Iraqi children are identical.


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