27| UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights Votes Ban of DU

It is the U.S. government's contention that acts of war, even illegal acts of war, are not subject to victims' suits. If that were true, no person or government would ever be on trial for war crimes.

Philippa Winkler

A resolution calling for the ban of depleted uranium and certain other weapons was passed at the United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities in August 1996, (15 yes, 1 no, 8 abstentions). The resolution was introduced by Claire Palley, attorney appointed by the UK, as a result of a combined effort: attorney Karen Parker's statement under the agenda item human rights and disability at the Sub-Commission session; Dr. Beatrice Boctor's written report on the genetic effects of DU on the population in the Gulf region; and intensive lobbying by Parker and Boctor, and Fabio Marcelli of Bridges to Baghdad, Italy. The issues of DU and sanctions were raised for the first time at the UN Commission on Human Rights in April 1996 by the delegation led by Margarita Papandreou of Women for Mutual Security, Greece.


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