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Donate to international solidarity with Puerto Rico through the International Action Center Organizing Projects Donations Page
100% of the money collected there will go to the Puerto Rico Teacher’s Federation (FMPR) which is working with other unions and groups organizing working brigades throughout the island to help poor communities, teachers and students who lost everything, with a message of solidarity against U.S. imperialism.

Organizing Projects Donations Page (not tax deductible)

Donate HERE to support International Action Center Solidarity campaign with Puerto Rico, organizing work against war, militarism, bigotry and economic and social injustice. Or make out a check to the International Action Center and send to IAC, 147 West 24th St., New York, NY 10011. (These are not tax-deductible donations).

Educational Projects Donations Page (tax deductible)

Donate HERE to donate to the IAC’s educational programs such as forums, conferences, classes and the production of books and videos. (tax deductible)

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