Sara Flounders, Co- Director of the International Action Center

Sara Flounders is the Co- Director of the International Action Center - an organization opposing US militarism, corporate globalization, racism and war. The IAC, initiated by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, combines grassroots activism with mass mobilizations and protest activities. Its educational work includes producing fact sheets and press releases, publishing books, producing documentary videos and maintaining a web site, that is now in the top 1% of all web sites globally.

Sara Flounders traveled to Iraq, Yugoslavia, Sudan and Colombia when these countries were under U.S. attack and to Palestine twice during the current Infitada. In 1992, Sara Flounders coordinated the International War Crimes Tribunal on U.S. War Crimes in Iraq, which held mass hearings in 30 U.S. cities and 20 countries. She coordinated research and helped to edit Ramsey Clark's groundbreaking 1992 book - The Fire This Time: US War Crimes in the Gulf. To expose the use of sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction, Sara Flounders edited and co-authored two books: The Children Are Dying - The Impact of Sanctions on Iraq (1996, Second Edition, 1998) and Challenge to Genocide: Let Iraq Live (1998). She helped produce the videos: Blockade - The Silent War Against Iraq (1994), Genocide by Sanctions (1998, award winner) and Let Iraq Live (1998). As a coordinator of the Iraq Sanctions Challenge
she organized large delegations of activists to visit Iraq each year in a challenge to the U.S. sanctions laws and has brought tons of medicine to the Iraqi people on each of these trips. The most recent trip to Iraq was several weeks before the 2003 war.

Since 1996 Ms. Flounders has coordinated the Depleted Uranium Education Project of the IAC to expose the impact of the use of radioactive depleted uranium weapons. The DU Education Project focused international attention on the health of civilians and soldiers and the environmental impact of the U.S. bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan and the U.S./NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. The DU Education Project released a book she edited: Metal of Dishonor Depleted Uranium (1997, Second Edition 1999). This book has been translated into Arabic, Japanese, Greek, and Italian. She helped to produce a video by the same name. In 2006 she was the producer of the new documentary on this issue: Poison DUst.

To help bring international attention to the impact of NATO's extensive targeting of civilian infrastructure Sara Flounders traveled throughout Yugoslavia during the intense NATO bombing in May 1999 in a fact finding delegation headed by Ramsey Clark. She is the editor of the 1998 book, NATO in the Balkans and helped to produce the 1999 documentary video, NATO Targets. She is the co-editor and an author of the 2002 book, Hidden Agenda: U.S./NATO Takeover of Yugoslavia. Her article: "The Mines of Kosovo" won the 1999 Project Censored Award.

In late October of 2000 and in May 2002 Sara Flounders participated in a Fact-Finding Delegations to the West Bank and Gaza, which also brought medical supplies. She has written and spoken on witnessed Israeli troops opening fire with live ammunition and tank rounds on young Palestinians armed only with stones. This work has continued thru to a current project The Campaign for Accountability for U.S./Israeli War Crimes in Palestine and Lebanon.

In 2003 Sara Flounders was an editor and co-author of the new book produced by the IAC on the U.S. role in Colombia entitled War in Colombia: Made in U.S.A. She traveled to Colombia as part of a delegation to focus attention on the growing attacks on Colombian trade unionists by right-wing death squads.

In 2004 immediately after the U.S. kidnapping of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Sara Flounders flew to Central Africa Republic with a small delegation. They were the first people able to meet with President Aristide who was held incommunicado. They arranged a press conference for him and broke the story of the U.S. kidnapping. Flounders is also the editor and co-author of the book: Haiti A Slave Revolution.

Currently she is working with the Troops Out Now Coalition. The IAC helped to form the broad-based U.S. anti-war coalitions that coordinated the major anti-war demonstrations that drew hundreds of thousands of people into the streets in 2003 before the U.S. invasion of Iraq and in the years of occupation.

Ms. Flounders has represented the IAC while speaking on numerous campus and community forums in the United States, Canada, England, Japan, Greece, Cuba, Egypt, Jordan and other countries. She has been interviewed by many national and international media, among them McNeil-Lehrer News Hour, CNN, BBC, Pacifica National News, Fox News, and the Los Angeles Times.


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