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An Appeal for Support of the Anti-Sanctions Project

Anti-Sanctions Project
Project of the International Action Center
39 W. 14th St, #206, NY, NY 10011

March 15, 1997

Dear Friend,

The sanctions on Iraq continue to this day in their ferocity and ruthlessness. As you will see in the enclosed information, the already woefully inadequate Resolution 986, which allowed for the minor sale of Iraqi oil through the auspices of the US/UN, has been stalled and delayed at every turn. As a result of the sanctions, over 1.4 million Iraqi people, 750,000 of them children under the age of five have died. We must continue the struggle to expose the injustice of these criminal policies of the United States and the United Nations Security Council.

At the same time that famine and disease are being created in Iraq, hunger and homelessness are growing here in the U.S. Despite the record corporate profits of the last two years, the federal government has launched an all out assault on every social program that struggles to fill the needs of the growing numbers of disenfranchised people within the United States. Millions of children will be thrown into poverty, hundreds of thousands of disabled children will lose their Social Security benefits, and every tax-paying legal immigrant will lose access to social service programs under the new "welfare reform" bill. Hunger and poverty in the U.S. and economic strangulation abroad exist in the wake of record corporate profits. The silence must be shattered. The assault on social programs, which has just begun with "the end of welfare as we know it", will never stop until we demand an end to the cutbacks.

The International Action Center is working in a coalition with numerous organization to plan a mass protest against the directors of the Gulf War and the 6 year old sanctions. War criminals President Bill Clinton, General Colin Powell, and ex-President George Bush will all be in Philadelphia on April 27th for the opening of the Presidential Summit on America's Future. We will be there to expose the suffering which the U.S./UN sanctions have imposed on the Iraqi people. All concerned people should join the "Stop the Sanctions Against Iraq" contingent on April 27th in Philadelphia at 2 pm.

In this mailing, we have included Ramsey Clark's most recent letter to the United Nations Security Council, our most recent press release concerning the sanctions, and a leaflet for the April 27th demonstration. We want to encourage everyone to continue their efforts against the sanctions. We have bulk copies of the anti-sanctions book, The Children Are Dying, and its companion video available for educational purposes. Many professors and secondary school teachers have begun to use these materials in their classes. Community outreach is of utmost importance. If you or someone you know can include information concerning the sanctions, please let us know. We also have a new web site at http:\ where much important information can be downloaded.

Please help us continue all of our crucial work against the U.S./ UN sanctions against Iraq. Your efforts and your financial support make all of our work possible. Thank you.

Sara Flounders, Kadouri Al-Kaysi and Frank Alexander

P.S. Our continuing work is based on your support.

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