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Read "Iraq: The Fire This Time" by Ramsey Clark--Learn a powerful lesson from history


One of the best arguments against a new attack on Iraq is understanding the devastation caused by the last Gulf War. Read former U.S. Attorney General, Ramsey Clark's amazing exposť that details the damage done to civilian targets across Iraq. This book, long in demand, as been updated with a special new introduction: After September 11th, an assessment of the U.S./Iraq conflict.

You can now buy "Iraq: The Fire This Time" on-line at http://www.leftbooks.com


Timely Peoples Video Network Videos about Iraq and the World-wide Anti-war Movement

PVN Video: Veterans United Against the War: On the eve of Veterans' Day, various organizations including Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Vets Against the War, Gulf War Vets for Common Sense, Black Vets for Social Justice, and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade came together in a meeting at Local 1199 in New York City. Included: urgent information about gulf war syndrome and depleted uranium


irgen.jpg (26333 bytes)Excerpts from the new book: Challenge to Genocide: Let Iraq Live

Order Challenge to Genocide: Let Iraq Live

Order its Companion Video: Let Iraq Live

Order from Leftbooks.com


IRAQMOM.JPG (6495 bytes)Order the Award Winning Video: Genocide by

Order from Leftbooks.com



chbook.gif (22217 bytes) THE CHILDREN ARE DYING: THE IMPACT OF SANCTIONS ON IRAQ--excerpts from the book, including the full text of the FAO Report: Evaluation of Food and Nutrition Situation in Iraq


ORDER THE BOOK/VIDEO --Updated Edition of book (1998)

Order book from Leftbooks.com


Metal Of Dishonor: Depleted Uranium
How the Pentagon Radiates Soldiers & Civilians with DU Weapons

Metal of Dishonor--the Companion Video

Order video and book from Leftbooks.com

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