Veterans' alert on uranium shells

By Macer Hall (Filed: 23/09/2001)

Sunday 23 September 2001

Telegraph Network

SHELLS with depleted uranium tips are being transported to the Middle East for use in the war against terrorism despite concerns of health threats to thousands of Nato service personnel, The Telegraph has learnt. Veterans of the Gulf War and the Balkans who believe that the armour-piercing ammunition caused them to suffer leukaemia and other illnesses, last night gave a warning that a new generation of service personnel could be at risk. Nato has been investigating complaints by former service personnel from several European countries that radioactive dust spread by the weapons made them ill. ...


Bernie McPhillips, of the Gulf Families Association, another campaign group, said: "If they go ahead with a ground invasion, it is more than likely that depleted uranium weapons will be used and there will be consequences for our troops. Until they develop a new weapon, depleted uranium will continue to be used."

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