Haiti: A Slave Revolution

200 years after 1804

Table of Contents


Preface -- Why this book



Haiti's Agonies and Exaltations
    Ramsey Clark

Photo Essay on Haiti
    selected by Pat Chin

Part I -- Haiti in history

Thank You Dessalines
    Félix Morisseau-Leroy

Haiti needs reparations, not sanctions
    Pat Chin

Haiti's Impact on USA 'voodoo' & textbooks
    Greg Dunkel

Cuba, Haiti and John Brown -- to rebel is justified
    Sara Flounders

Lecture on Haiti
    Frederick Douglass

The birth of the Haitian flag -- its heroic history
    Fleurimond W. Kerns

U.S. boycotts against Haiti -- from 1806 to 2003
     Greg Dunkel

Part II Aristide's election

The Only Way -- to the memory of Jacques Roumain
    Paul Laraque

PVN Interview with Ray Laforest -- role of labor movement
    Johnnie Stevens

Aristide's crushing victory -- Despite Bazin's maneuvers
    Haïti-Progrès Staff

Carter's Attempt to Intimidate Aristide
    Haïti-Progrès Staff

Aristide: the People's Candidate -- 1990 interview
    Haïti-Progrès Staff

Part III After the coup

Exile Is Stale Bread
    Paul Laraque

The Real Objectives of the U.S. Occupation
    Ben Dupuy

Behind the U.S. Rhetoric on Haiti
    Sam Marcy

Tenth Department Haitians Massively Mobilize
    Greg Dunkel

Part IV --- After the 2nd U.S. occupation

Reign of a Human Race 
    Paul Laraque

No Greater Shame-- How Haitian boat-people are treated
     Edwidge Danticat

The Longest Day
    Stan Goff

Class Analysis of a Crisis current situation in Haiti
    Kim Ives

Haitians: A Political and Class-Conscious People
    Maude LeBlanc

Haitian Struggle for Freedom
    Mumia Abu Jamal

Review of a Review -- Answering recent distortions
    Kim Ives

The Struggle of Haitian workers -- in Boston
    Steve Gillis & Frantz Mendes


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