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Message from Iran from SI Solidarity Iran on Feb 4 demonstrations against a US War on Iran


Join the Feb. 4 Protests

An appeal to the General Assemblies of Occupy Movement in United States

A number of antiwar organizations mostly based in US have made a joint call for a global day of united action, in solidarity with the Iranian people on Feb. 4, 2012. Based on the information available as of Jan. 30 th, mass actions will take place in 48 cities of US to demand No War! No Sanctions! No Interventions! No Assassinations on Iran. Name of the organizations that made this call as well as the growing list of the cities in US in which the planned demonstrations will take place is noticeable below.

The Feb. 4 actions are aimed to condemn US, it's EU allies and Israel’s war threats, covert and overt operations, sanctions, assassinations and media propaganda of repeated lies. This in short constitutes the current policies of the hegemonic powers, headed by US government, against the peace-loving people of Iran.

We, as the Iranian activists in the Solidarity with Iran (SI) Campaign, consisting of international grass roots organizations, which is among the initial endorses of the call for Feb. 4 protests, would like to hereby urge the General Assemblies of the Occupy Movement all over the US to put in their immediate agenda a discussion on the need to actively take part in the proposed solidarity actions. We are confident that with facts available, your combatant General Assemblies would unanimously vote in favor of condemning grave atrocities of the government of the %1 that is unfortunately carried out in your name, The People of The United States of America. Your support in passing a resolution in your General Assembly condemning the illegal policies of the bullying powers against Iran and Iranian people as well as your solidarity by joining us in the Feb. 4 protests would certainly be beneficial to the cause of peace!

And now, these are the facts in brief:

  • On January 11, 2012, MostafaAhmadi-Roshan a 32 years old Iranian scientist was assassinated in Tehran by terrorists backed by CIA, Mossad and MI6, the intelligent services of US, Israel and UK. Voicing the view of politicians representing the %1 ruling class of the US on this brutal act, Rick Santorum, who is seeking candidacy for the upcoming presidential election, said: That was a "wonderful thing"! Ahmadi- Roshan was the 4 th Iranian scientist assassinated during the last 2 years. To justify these vicious killings, the politicians representing the %1 and their corporate backers of military industrial complex, oil, finance and media insinuate that the victims were associated with a program in developing nuclear weapons; an allegation against Islamic Republic of Iran which has been refuted not only by several reports of International Atomic Agency and Non-Aligned Movement, representing 118 member countries and 17 countries as observers, but also by the intelligent services of US itself.

  • Iranian scientists are not the only target of US backed terrorism in Iran. Since the triumph of Islamic revolution of Iran in February 1979 and overthrow of the Shah's regime – which was installed in Iran in 1953 through a CIA engineered coup d’ etat, more than 16000 Iranian civilians have been assassinated by terrorist groups supported by the government of the %1 in US. To get a better picture of atrocities committed by the same government against our people during the past 33 years, you may add to the record-high assassinations, backing of 8 years of war imposed on Iran by the x-regime of Saddam Hossein, attempted military coup d'etat, economic sanctions and uninterrupted interventions to bring instability in our country.

  • What lies behind such animosities of the US government against our people? The deceitful politicians of the American Empire will tell you that in addition to the allegation that we are trying to develop nuclear weapons, the reason for assassination of our scientists, economic sanctions and war threats against us, is Iran's involvement in terrorism and violation of human rights! The same forces that support state terrorism, the same government whose historical record shows bringing to power and supporting dictators in Asia, Africa and Latin America and training torturers all over the world, they and their corporate media tell you every lie to hide the simple fact that they hate us only because we are not willing to submit to their hegemonic policies aimed at plundering our national resources and because we are determined to safeguard our rights for self-determination and national sovereignty. Things that they tell you to demonize us are totally baseless. To find out the truth we use this opportunity to ask you to send your representatives, delegations from the US Occupy Movement to Iran to see the realties with your own eyes and through independent fact findings.


  • We urge you to find answers for the following simple questions in your General Assemblies:

Did the government of US ask for your votes to send military forces composed of people like you or your sons, daughters, sisters and brothers to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq and to kill tens of thousands of innocent people in those countries? Did they ask you if you approved their bombing of Libya to destroy the infrastructure and to kill people of that African country under the false banner of “humanitarian aids”? Do you, as the Occupy Movement claiming correctly to represent the interests of the %99 of US citizens have any interest to arm the so called “opposition” forces in Syria, to instigate civil war and pave the ground for another direct military intervention of US-NATO in that middle-eastern country that has dared to support the resistant movement of Palestinian people against the occupying forces of Israel? There are many questions of this type that you may raise at your General Assemblies. For example, what is the relationship between those in the US who make wars in order to exploit the oil and other national resources of oppressed nations and those who are responsible for unemployment and lack of access of the majority of American people to affordable housing and healthcare? Aren’t they both one and the same big capitalist forces with the small size of less than %1 of the US population?

We are sure that you will come up with true answers to these questions. We are confident that you will disassociate yourself from the criminal actions of the %1. We are confident that you will join our forces in a common and united struggle to defeat the reactionary forces of the %1 capitalist class, the same force that is preventing us from achieving a society featured by and full of human values such as love, peace, justice, equality and brotherhood. Does this sound like the wishes of a Dreamer! May be so, but nowadays we are not “the only” dreamers, our number is great and we do actually express the “dreams” of %99 of the global population.

We know that this is a short notice, but having observed your abilities, including your organizational capabilities, we hope to see as many as contingents of the Occupy Movement on Feb. 4 in tens of cities of the US.

With Solidarity, Love and Peace

 Iranian Activists of the Solidarity with Iran (SI) Campaign

As of Jan. 19, the organizations that called the Feb. 4 protest actions or endorsed later included:

  • the United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC)
  • the International Action Center (IAC)
  • SI! Solidarity with Iran
  • Refugee Apostolic Catholic Church
  • Workers World Party, World Can’t Wait
  • American Iranian Friendship Committee
  • the Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII)
  • ANSWER Coalition
  • Peace of the Action
  • St. Pete for Peace
  • Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)
  • Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality-Virginia
  • WESPAC Foundation
  • Peace Action Maine
  • Occupy Myrtle Beach
  • Minnesota Peace Action Coalition
  • Twin Cities Peace Campaign
  • Bail Out the People Movement (BOPM)



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