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‘This is what solidarity looks like!’--Leslie Feinberg: Open call to submit photos for multimedia dedication to CeCe McDonald

By Leslie Feinberg

October 6, 2012

Dear friends and activists in the struggle,

I am dedicating the 20th-anniversary author edition of “Stone Butch Blues” to CeCe McDonald and the ever growing struggle to free her.

For more information, explore: supportcece.­

I thank the small team of wonderful individuals who are helping me do the work required to publish my novel, without profit, under author copyright.

I expect to go to trial in Minneapolis in mid-­December on a charge resulting from my demonstration of ­solidarity with CeCe on June 4.

In the months until then, I will be circulating a message to photographers who have made photographs that show the demand to free CeCe McDonald.

A link has been set up at for downloading and sending out the permission form at­cecemcdonaldpictures.(scroll down to see below). Please forgive me for what will be “form letters” even to beloved friends/activists.

I can’t pay for photo use, but I do promise to show my respect for your labor and your permission in photo credits.

If you’ve made — or make — a photograph in solidarity with the struggle to free CeCe, please send me your photo/s with a filled-out permission form via social media.

Donate/make/send photo(s) for a slide showof individuals, groups and street art in solidarity with the struggle to free CeCe McDonald! in the multimedia dedication to FREE CECE NOW!

I will include as many photos as I can in an online slide show, to be part of a multimedia dedication to free CeCe McDonald in the digital online 20th anniversary author’s edition of “Stone Butch Blues.”

The dedication to CeCe’s slide show will be titled: “This is what solidarity looks like!”

I can’t get back to individuals before trial but if you send the photos/permissions to or via social media, I’ll organize them when I can return home!

Download and print and fill in pdf of this permissions form (content of form shown below), scan and send along with picture or video file to


or mail hard copy to Solidarity Center, 147 W. 24th St. 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10011
Attn Leslie Feinberg/Cece McDonald project



Stone Butch Blues dedication & author introduction

Multi-media: photos/slide shows/videos

I ask your permission to include your photograph/video of support for CeCe McDonald in the 20th-anniversary author’s no-cost online/at-cost print edition of Stone Butch Blues—due to be released on May Day 2013.


I am unable to pay for photo/video use. But I will credit your photo/video with great care, if you can provide me with this information:


Photo credit: ___________________________________________

(please print)





Today's date: ______________________


Date photo made: ______________________


Location photo image:


Caption information:


Contact information (for my records ONLY!):

Street __________________________________________________


Zip: _______________


Country/code: __________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________


Social media:

(use back of form if needed)




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